Everything weird combination gloom, gratitude. Yesterday first day school after Connecticut school massacre. Police everywhere. Bigfoot older son calmly state, “They have to be here because after a super-famous event like that shooting, a lot of other people will get the idea to do the same thing.”

Bigfoot not even realize Jack know Connecticut news. Turn out, saw story during football game.

BIGFOOT: A lot of other people would want to do the same thing?

JACK: well, not a lot, but someone with severe mental illness and guns might like to try it

Bubs not afraid. Only concern is how close by Sandy Hook school: five minutes? Ten minutes? When learn over one hour away, that satisfactory.

All day normal: wrap Christmas gifts, exchange Christmas cards, but w this recurring reverie: Bubs hide inside school cabinet, everyone silent, gunman approach, teacher say, “There’s no one here but me, they all went to gym,” then Bubs insulin pump begin occlusion song. Or this: Bubs hide nurse’s office, nurse think ahead remove pump battery for ensure silence, then need stay hidden hours, hours, all night, then DKA.

Deep breath. It not about Bigfoot, this sad thing.

Photo1Meanwhile, journalists ruminate Asperger’s aspect this killer. What if this killer PWT1D? Story would mention too? Or story consider diabetes irrelevant? What if hypoglycemia/T1D same public devil reputation? Think of all terrible, actual things Bubs say/do w low BG: I hate you. I hate this stupid dog. I wish I were never born. Surely, retrospect, that seem foreshadowing homicidal tendency, if become homicidal maniac.

Sorry tragedy tend make Bigfoot so self-centered.

Try for normal: it tuesday. Ergo Taco Night. Bigfoot have meeting so set everything out already, list carbs. This taco display appear taco display homicidal maniac: she was so controlling, she pressed the plastic wrap right against the guacamole, as if willing it to suffocate…she listed nutrition information as if it were fact, when she actually pulled the numbers from her imagination…

Just trying, failing express empathy Asperger’s persons this news cycle.