The Good Kind

I didn't know, or forgot, that this is the price per month. Thank you, insurance.

I didn’t know, or forgot, that this is the price per month. Thank you, insurance.

Traditional fictitious conversation.


EXHAUSTED, SNARKY PARENT: Is there good kind?

Maybe good kind = us. Because geography. Maybe bad kind = T1D in land w/o insulin. Every D-parent know presence/feel chill but here, easy keep looming grim reaper @arms length. In fact, probably little bit over-drama even admit worry kill/death/snatch child in night. But do think. But only theoretical. Because medicine/tools all here.

Anyway. Child/person T1D no insulin = dies. That’s the bad kind. Therefore: Spare a Rose campaign. Created by famous bloggers, maybe @Medtronic thing day of yore? Idea is use Valentine flowers money buy instead insulin for sick child. Romantic partner probably still available for business time.

Bigfoot family never flowers Valentine’s Day*. More like: holiday for give child Ugly Doll (hubba hubba!) or bake heart-shaped brownies. Instead of spare rose, spare 1 jar almond butter, 1/2 c. cacao powder, 1 bag chocolate chips, 2 Ugly Dolls = approx. $50. However celebrate, idea is tally up amount spent—roses, lube, chips/dips, fancy necklace, whatever—V-day, donate instead.

Simple. Takes mere seconds if not flub up enter Paypal password. Donate here. Any amount permitted.

Or read this. See painting.

*In fact, believe last time receive flowers maybe high school thing where different color carnation means: “You are my friend, and I love you, but not in a lesbian way”(yellow) or “I’d do you”(pink) or “We’ve been dating a really long time and everyone expects me to make this gesture”(red).


Bigfoot say other thing

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