Nemo + Mysterious Magic Marker Smell


Don't cry for me. Joe did all of this D-work last night. Cry for me because I have a cold.

Don’t cry for me. Joe did all of this D-sleuthing last night. And actually you can cry for me, because I have a cold**.

Usually snow = low BG because ski/sled/general snow play. Blizzard Nemo = opposite problem.

  • Trapped inside, less active?
  • Bad site after bad site?
  • Room-temperature insulin too cold because power out; ergo bubbles?
  • Mother has cold; high BG = Bubs will have cold too?
  • So many kachunkers in trash. Maybe 2x/day. Maybe over-kachunking causing own set problems?

So far Bubs cheerful despite high, but not interested play outside. Now snow verging on rainy, very yuck.

Also yuck: lately reading smart, young D-people w. complications. Yuck. Hate. Pretty much put complications out of mind. Now scuttling back into front page part of mind.

Today power back on, so much Just Dance. So much. Eat oatmeal, bolus, please dance more.

Every Just Dance song feel like taunting love ballad diabetes; this peppy tune “she” = Bigfoot and “me” = The big D.

She’s got me dancin’
She’s got me dancin’
She’s got me dancin
And she’s always one step behind

Still like song though.
"Forget" You.

“Forget” You.

**It’s pretty serious: I didn’t even watch Downton Abbey last night. But I did see this, and really recommend it!


Meanwhile, just before blizzard, hustle Bubs into pediatrician because for past few nights, smell like magic markers but no ketones. Endocrinologist recommend visit pediatrician in case stomach bug. Pediatrician physician assistant listen belly, lungs, all normal. Check tonsils, normal.
PHYSICIAN’S ASSISTANT: Have you checked his sugar today?
BUBS: (looks at Bigfoot, perplexed. The time was 10AM)
PA: What was it?
BIGFOOT: It was 140 when he got up this morning
BUBS: 141
PA: That’s great! Is it always so good? I mean 140, 141, that is fantastic! He has pretty good control, I can tell you that
BF: Well, you know, the number is always changing (knows it’s not appropriate/possible to educate the PA but can’t help herself from grasping for approval), but his last A1c was six point zero
PA: His what?
BF: His A1c (ashamed now for the brag)
PA: His hemoglobin A1c?
BF: (notes to self: find out about other kinds of A1c) Yes
PA: And that’s pretty good? Right? And with that 140 this morning, I’d say you have nothing to worry about. And the magic marker smell, do you smell it right now? Because I don’t smell anything
BF: No, I smell it more at night. And Joe can smell it, and Jack can smell it. It’s very apparent
PA: Well, if there’s anything to it, if it comes back, I mean I hate to send you back and forth like a ping ping ball, but I’d take the issue back to the endocrinologist, because it would definitely be something metabolic



Bigfoot say other thing

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