Snow Sports 2012 Take II: SLEDS


Face enlarged to show happiness. 290.

Wake up. Perfect day for sleds. 126.

Pre-sled: 290. (Blame pancake breakfast; beaucoup IOB.) Stow chocolate Santa in exterior pocket, prevent melting. Stow meter & strips/Mentos in bra, prevent freezing.


After 30 minutes: down to 199.

After sled 30 minutes: 199.

After 60-ish more minutes: 79.

Fine (body & spirit) whole time. Lots of friends, lots of sleds, yappy papillon, sunny, windy.

A few other people had the same good idea.

79. Time for lunch.

Afternoon/evening: low, medium-low, low-medium, low, medium-low. (62-90.)

Before dinner 69. Before bed 260.

Learn anything? Maybe:

1. It’s OK to be kind of high before winter sports

2. Sledding requires a lot of glucose

3. Recovering from sledding requires a lot of glucose too?

4. And then at a certain hour suddenly stops requiring glucose

5. Or maybe previous lows & lowishes make the parents lowball the carbs in three See’s Nuts and Chews (17g?)

6. Or maybe being low & lowish all afternoon made your liver go helllllo? and get all glucagonny

Maybe not know anything more than last year, except this

7. Sledding is really, really fun


8. I should have had a glucagon kit in my pocket, instead of leaving it in the car