Welcome to Middle-cle* School

Shes’s making a list. She’s checking it seventeen times.

What we have so far:

What we have so far: insulin pen, pen needles, syringes (for tenacious highs or in case of pump failure. Boy injects self with pen but not syringe/syringes in case pen breaks); 2. test strips and lancets; 3. meter charger and manual (to get rid of manual); 4. infusion sets and cartridges (so I don’t have to stop at home to get them if I’m swooping in to fix a site); 5. meter with lancing device, lancets, test strips; 6. glucose tabs; 7. glucagon (expires 9/2015); 8. juice boxes (15g CHO/box) (because he could maybe drink this even if he’s too zonked to chew); 9. Mini-Larabars : the last box, no longer found in stores, buy them all if you see them again (10 – 13g CHO/bar)(mixed snack for before gym/dismissal & BG

I need to add:

  • Ketone pee strips (call CVS for refill)
  • The school district’s required form for kids with T1d (probably the nurse has a blank one)
  • Some kind of supplemental, B-specific instructions (I need to write this)
  • Xeroxed pages from pump manual (for showing the nurse how to change the infusion set—or is that asking too much?)
  • Print this brilliant Dexcom flow chart to help explain how/when Bubs might want to veer from the written treatment plan
  • Spare AA lithium battery

Things I need to understand:

I added in new information in hot pink. It’s mostly notes to self.

  • Does the nurse remain in the building during after school activities? No. Parent should be in town & accessible by phone.
  • During cross-country practice/racing, does the T1d athlete carry everything along in a small back packĀ  (bounce, bounce) or what? (Is any sport worse than cross-country in this way, since the participant must run quite far away from the place where he would ordinarily drop a supply bag?) Depends on the coach and the kid.
  • What about the bus. The bus driver. What do I do. The bus driver is nice and won’t mess w. juice/candy.
  • What does the nurse communicate to B’s teachers about diabetes and what should I do? The nurse makes sure they know everything they need to know.
  • If B is low, does B walk to the nurse or does the nurse walk to B?An adult accompanies B to the nurse’s office or the nurse comes to B.
  • Can he just test himself in the classroom, since he’ll have testing stuff/Glucolift in his backpack anyway? Yes.
  • Do I need to think be thinking about anything for celiac, like keeping cupcakes in a school freezer? I hate cupcakes in school. I mentioned celiac but forgot to ask about standard cupcake procedure. My idea was: each gluten food/cupcake in class (uneaten) = bonus 30 minutes of video game time. (?)

What else is there?

  • Everything else
  • B is one of FIVE (!) students with T1d this year
  • The nurse is suuuuuper nice without being slick or annoying

*I’m trying. Middle-cal looks like middle-KAL, while Middle-cle looks more like MID-dle-kuhl, which is what I want it to be, but it looks wrong.


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