In Night Kitchen

Say, these look like sanitary conditions for high-end mini bagel baking

5PM: 121 (early dinner out w/friends + no food later.)

9PM: 111 (obligatory baby fist pump)

12AM: 357/correction bolus a la Bigfoot Spouse

3AM: 347/WTF? Correction bolus redux <—how come 12AM correction no effect? Pump site change before dinner, work OK then. Or if no 12AM correction, would be 450+? Bubs wake Mama, can I please have a drink? (Love when wake up middle of night not furious!) Bigfoot sure honey, I’ll bring you a glass of water. Bubs since you have that headlamp, can you just walk me to the bathroom? I want to drink kind of a lot. (This so bad high blood sugar, willing leave cozy bed for water access?) Delicately navigate Lego-encrusted floor. In bathroom Bubs let’s just turn the light on. When I drink this much water then I like to pee. Bubs flick on light, light in Bigfoot brain turn on too: need check ketones.

The high tone ingredients.

Bigfoot hate check ketones: it the splashy pee. But not afraid. Check ketones pro forma. Bubs never-never-never have ketones. Not know protocol ketones. Would need look up in book (cue Pink Panther theme)/call Coro Center. But notice blood sugar segment of strip not change color like wildfire. Change lazily, grow wee bit darker, then darker. Usually if high BS, color change same speed paper towel absorb big spill or same speed blood drain from face before pass out. Maybe meter wrong. Maybe One Touch strips go bad. Maybe error at ketone strips factory.

No ketones.

Since need stay awake, make Isa Chandra Moskowitz bagels. (This link say 3T sugar, but Vegan Brunch/Bigfoot memory 2T. Think 3T typo.) Bigfoot make mini-size, 20g carbs. Meant do this all weekend. Baking perfect hobby for night time diabetes parent, except for resulting abundant baked goods. If Bigfoot house North Korea + diabetes Kim Jong Un or Il, could say glorious leader provide miracle opportunity make 18 36 (double recipe) mini bagel.

4:30AM: 247


Bigfoot say other thing

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