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Can you spot the new bracelet?

Ho ho ho. Bigfoot learn this fact Says You: over time, natural lazy speaker say Saint Nicholas, thick-tongue morph Santenicklas (picture drunk Eastern European accent), eventually become Santa Claus. <–It blow mind?

Meanwhile. Wow–remember how long time find medical ID bracelet Bubs consider comfortable. Dx August 2011 – Christmas 2011, probably spend $7,000 medical ID bracelet alone.

Once find happy bracelet, Bubs never take off. Salt water, chlorine, Neutrogena Rainbath, muddy recess, etc. After 350+ days, pretty battered. Lucky = same day Bigfoot notice bracelet so worn out illegible, new bracelet arrive.

More luck: new bracelet familiar, comfy velcro style. PLUS:

  • Medical ID “Pull Tag”–it sort of fabric-paper combo, sewn-in strip. Very sturdy. (Old bracelet information strip paper, fall out, lost)
  • Reflective tape for bicycle/pedestrian safety
  • Comfortable right away, not itchy, no complain.

Maybe this seem like paid advertisement Tallygear. Ethics: Bigfoot probably need mention Tallygear mail Bubs bracelet free, but not exchange ad. Bigfoot only write about because so rare find comfortable bracelet, consider public service share news.

That said, even Bigfoot realize not OK give T1boy diabetes bracelet Christmas stocking. Maybe OK for T1 girl if Tiffany charm super fancy princess type. Few other items not OK for diabetic child stocking: No Humalog. No meter strip canister even if decorate w/google-eye pompon guy. No glucose tab holder keychain, no hypoglycemia-specific candy (Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish.) Worse than socks.

It Bubs review some other OK Medical ID of past:

Road ID: initially seem perfect bracelet. Rubber Livestrong-style band w/ engraved metal plate. But not perfect Bubs because fiddle/stretch/chew rubber, metal plate fall off, v. expensive replace

Macrame w. metal plate: chic tween boy styling, but metal plate feel too cold, too hot, too sticky. String part instantly dirty

Classic metal: points for legible/tradition, but too tight, too loose, too slippery, too shivery, too elderly

Dog Tag necklace: A+ for highly coveted soldier vibe; too long, too swishing-around, too tempting put in mouth, too tempting other person grab during tag.


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