Dress Rehearsal

The Klansman waves goodbye.

8:03AM: the Klansman waves goodbye.

Spring semester roll toward summer with three performances end of week plus standardized science testing plus School of Rock, dentist, dilated eye exam, lacrosse, plus usual everything do; fingers crossed also hair/toe maintenance (Bigfoot only); plus friend/running partner moving away, need many lunch/dinner/beer dates. Also running dates.

Bubs not star show. Parent heart in throat regardless: feel miracle Bubs agreeable for wear jeans/wife-beater ensemble, perform choreographed moves, public singing. Shy, silly person apparently grow up/expand horizon.

Today first dress rehearsal. 4:45 – 7:30PM with instruction: eat dinner before rehearsal.

This looks much worse than it is. I mean, that's not his real skin, and the dark bits aren't coagulated blood.

This looks much worse than it is. I mean, that’s not his real skin (Flexifix!), and the dark bits aren’t coagulated blood. But it is totally hanging off. Yet still working with numbers that match VerioIQ. What?

Bigfoot plan real dinner (grilled meat/broccoli salad) for 7:30PM; requisite pre-dinner = pizza/Diet Coke en route @4:30PM. Dexcom 102 & straight, Verio IQ114. Under-bolus even though pizza because not sure what rehearsal mean for up/down BG.



VerioIQ confirms it. BOOM.

VerioIQ confirms it. BOOM. Players, this is with the Dexcom sensor hanging offa him, barely attached.

Arrive rehearsal. Zzt-zzt-zzt. LOW UNDER 80. Pffft.

2 Glucolift. Only 2 because pizza. Because under-bolus. And because pizza.

Half of a moment later. Two Glucolift in belly. Time to go backstage. Thus ends Dexcom coverage.

4:58PM. Two Glucolift in belly. Time to go backstage. Thus ends Dexcom coverage.

Zzt-zzt-zzt-zzt! LOW UNDER 55. This moment = Bubs presence required stage left. Because time for sing & dance of course. Mouth from seat in remote-enough for not embarrass auditorium section Do you feel low? Bubs mouth back I’m fine. Bigfoot not very worried, everything so new. Nothing bad ever happen stage performance entire family history. Like baby crawl into cute/wild hyena cage. All new. Curious.


There he goes. He was already doing his Cool Boys snaps. I’M FINE.

Dang. Stage left out of range Dexcom. Bigfoot turn on screen every few seconds anyway. Nothing. Maybe tiny bit more fear than hyena-cage baby.

At last see Bubs. Song & dance Cool Boys song. Not seem low. Seem OK dancer, no tipsy/sweaty/annoyed. After West Side Story + Bye, Bye Birdie songs, 6:30PM VerioIQ 299. That can’t be right. Your fingers must be Glucolifty. Wash hands 349. Hmm? Correction 2.25u (ISF 1:80; with idea drop 180 points, please.)

Wish could have seen dramatic climb via Dexcom! Sure would make fantastic hidden picture.

The incredibly good looking dancer who's taller than the rest is B's teacher. You can't make this kind of person up.

The incredibly good looking dancer who’s taller than the rest is B’s teacher. You can’t make this kind of person up.