29. Or 53. Or 91. Or 61. Something like that.

Play chase with dog after dinner. Then hop in car. En route pool. I feel kind of low.


BIGFOOT: You’re 29! That’s really low. But you seem to feel not so, so low

BUBS: Well, I feel kind of low

BIGFOOT: But 29? That would be, like, the lowest you’ve ever been, like, you’d be all juhjuhjuhjuhjuh shaky, sweaty, something would feel way off. And the screen says “control solution” at the bottom. Maybe that means we need to use control solution. Anyway, let’s test again


BUBS: Should I drink this whole juice or just part of it?

BFOOT: Drink the whole thing

Next try test control solution. Verio IQ control solution beautiful shade Smurfblood blue. Test control solution v. healthy 104. How do you feel? (I’m fine.) Do you still want to swim? (If I’m allowed to.) Sure! Let’s go!

Say “Sure! Let’s go!” with best attempt breezy affect because try not be so chicken. 29/53 + Juice + Swim + 100g CHO tortellini dinner + 8u insulin, too many input. Brain not compute. Might as well swim since no idea what go on in that belly/blood**. No anchor. Tigers above, tigers below. Okay. Go.

Wait. Before pull out of driveway, while suck juice: 91. When arrive @pool 61. Offer juice. Awwww, don’t we have any glucose tabs? Bubs cheek cram three Glucolift, jump in pool.

Meanwhile time for new site. Sort of handy rewind/reload pump since pump off body anyway (swim). Bigfoot adore this type passive multitask. If only could simultaneously knit w toes…But wait. Who that? Loose association talkative swim patron notice Humalog vial from distance one Olympic length. Is that what I think it is? Humalog, is it? I used to be a pharmacy tech, before I was in the explosion. Yup! My spine is all metal, almost all of my abdominal muscle had to be removed, it was all…necrotic tissue. Know what kind of cheese I like? It’s eighteen dollars a pound…

Bigfoot continue flick air bubbles while listen and for only three weeks of the year you can get the Champagne grapes–have you ever had those?

BIGFOOT: (flick!) the tiny ones?

Man, are they good with the aged gouda–it’s expensive, but hey, it has been aged for six–SIX–years. It’s harder than a parmigiano reggiano. I had to have regular grapes today. Got them at the Whole Foods over on the East Side. They were big, but still very good. Very sweet. Hey. (Raises eyebrows, lowers chin, speaks w lockjaw) You have diabetes? No, my little boy. Excuse me for saying so, but I think you’re giving him way too much. I mean, that’s a huge injection. It would be, but this is for a pump. It’s not to use all at once. It lasts for days. Ha! Of course. I was going to say. Well. Does he have the, (eyebrows up, chin down, lockjaw) you know, the Juvenile diabetes? Yup. Aw, man. Dumb question. What was it going to be, (eyebrows/chin/jaw) little kid like that gets it from eating too much? Loose association person move on new topic of Halloween costumes (witch tip: striped stockings), how learn walk after explosion (rehab tip: swimming), terrible name for daughter would be (brow/chin/jaw) Mildred.

For record, Bigfoot like name Mildred. Cute nickname Milly or for goth could use Dready.

Loose association swimmer thinking Bigfoot inject Bubs entire 200u insulin cartridge bring thought back to this post. This where learn insulin overdose is (common? known? simple?) suicide method. That put guts in tight knot. Could also be for assisted suicide? Or…(brow/chin/jaw) murder? Never able see insulin same way. Bigfoot mean, always know dangerous, but never think of insulin intentionally dangerous.

Also: WTF Dreamy Meter? 29. Control Solution. 53. 91. 61. Bigfoot call Verio IQ customer service. Rep explain sorry, meter not working if display “control solution” in response child’s blood. Verio will FedEx new meter, new strips, new control solution. But it seems to be working fine now. I just wanted to know if it meant to tell me I should use the control solution–is it like a prompt? I mean, is there ever a time when it would display “control solution” and not be broken?

REP: Yes. While you are using the control solution


It’s going to be something.

Bedtime, 97. Because running low earlier (even though meter broken) + swim, allow graham cracker (4g CHO)/peppermint tea bedtime snack.

Now try predict. Will it be

A. Shit! Of course I should have given him more to eat before bed–he’d been SWIMMING and he got a 29 from a semi-functional meter. Now I’ll be up all night dribbling Juicy Juice all over the bed

B. Shit! Of course I shouldn’t have encouraged him to eat a GRAHAM CRACKER after a huge carby dinner. Now I’ll be up all night trying to get this stupid number down

C. Shit! I stayed up all night for NOTHING

D. Should put happy solution for “D” but too crabby

**We do carry a spare One Touch Mini & One Touch strips, but it did not occur to me that this would be an appropriate time to use them.

Note for future: high at 11P, 1A, 3A.


Bigfoot say other thing

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