These are not Cadbury Mini Eggs

After the recent Cadbury Mini Eggs festival, I woke up with renewed passion for avoiding buckets of carbs, something I slip into whenever I stop concentrating on not doing so.

Every time I recommit, I think this is not hard. And I am a natural at this because I love Diet Coke, nuts, salad, and cheese. But it is hard for me. I feel sick when I eat a lot of carbs, why does that not serve as a natural deterrent? A wise friend told this is because Mini Eggs are delicious. So I really need to focus. Keep my eye on the ball.

Toward that:

Pitted olives in to-go cups.


0g CHO. Tastes great with string cheese.

Intriguing new seltzer: Unicorn Kisses.


Unicorn breath smells like strawberry Starbursts.

Scoopless ice cream.

This comes in an 8-pack. I am not going to eat this, I just like it because it prevents me from licking a scoop/digging around for the candy bar pieces in the pint of New York Superfudge Chunk.


11g CHO. Perfect for Bubs. Stingy portions in their own tiny wrappers = no complaints.

New egg.


Good on greens, better on avocado toast.

I had my first basted egg last week at this restaurant in Sarasota. It was on avocado toast. Amazing. At home in real life, I do not have toast. But I still love this egg. Thank you to the waitress who told me how to make it.

The result is both sunny side up and over medium. And there is no actual basting involved. Amazing. Why doesn’t everyone make eggs this way? This is how:

Heat up a skillet. Melt a little butter. Crack in an egg. Allow the egg to cook , poking holes in the white so the uncooked parts reach the pan. When the white is almost set, add a few tablespoons of water and cover the skillet. Cook until the white is completely cooked and the yolk is how you like it.

Another thing we ate in Sarasota was Billionaire’s Bacon. When I got home and googled it, I learned it is one pound of bacon cooked in 300 grams of brown sugar.

Mess-less cauliflower.


Like buddah.

Hooray for this recipe. Zero scattered floret particles are created, because the cauliflower head isn’t cut into until it’s cooked.

Recipe link = mostly about making a sauce. How to just make the cauliflower:

Put a cast iron skillet in the oven and turn the oven to 375F. Trim the leaves and bottom stem from a head of cauliflower. Rinse it off. Rub the wet head all over with olive oil and salt. When the oven is hot, carefully place the cauliflower (stem side down) into the hot pan and cook for 45 minutes. Drizzle with more olive oil. Cook some more, up to one hour more.



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