Hang of

Getting hang of temp basal by act out in mind what could do.

However much I want to vilify milk…oh, shit. Just drink it.

Bed: 80. Could decrease basal 50% for few hours? Could do. Think about. Almost ready learn this important skill. Animas manual folded open that section. Instead wake boy up, make drink few glugs milk. (Milk of cow! Too late now—cow give Bubs more diabetes? Analogous dying friend/cancer decide on whim visit tanning bed at artificial eyelash-eyebrow salon.) Next time try decrease basal.

Imagine each one turning back into a dollar bill—you’d be so glad you didn’t vacuum.

Getting hang of used strip management: ignore.

Jack notice lately often find used strip on floor What should I do when I see one? Should I hand it to you? <—Jack think used strip = valuable. Aww! Answer: Just leave it there. We’ll eventually vacuum it up. If not learn ignore strip scatter, never do anything but pick up strip.

Getting hang of WAG-ing

Tonight 3rd grade graduation, hopeful-eyed Bubs approach w/ plate of sailboat-theme dessert: sailboat cookie, wedge sailboat-shape doughnut cake, semaphore flag-topped cupcake. Ask Spouse whaddaya say, 120? Spouse: sounds good. Nearby is Dream Babysitter’s mom. What do you think for this plate? 120? DBM take inventory. Point to cupcake. Bigfoot say that’s 40, right? 

DBM: Yeah, I was going to say 40. And the doughnut cake is kind of small, but Allie’s frosting is really sugary. And that cookie’s pretty big. Yeah, I’d guess 40 for each of them


Getting hang of see child flat out on ground not mean coma.

Main problem this posture is lyme disease tick.

 Back into the arena: Katniss!

It’s part of the game. They fling each other to the ground, then stay down for a while. The game is called HUNGER GAMES. I’m not sure what the staying down indicates.


Bigfoot say other thing

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