This Banana Bread. No THIS Banana Bread

15g ish CHO. The math happened in my head.

The carbs math happened in my head only. Three bananas…90g CHO + 4T maple syrup = 56g CHO + some other stuff 2g CHO…divided among 12 mini Bundts.

Behold links 2 favorite Comfy Belly banana breads.

Made in loaf pans. (Grand.) Made as mini-Bundts. (Perfect.) Could also be perfect for muffin pan, doughnut pan, Bundt cake (would need double amount?)

This one coconut and almond flours.

This one just coconut flour.

Not possible choose favorite recipe. Not possible choose favorite format. Sliced = perfect toast. Mini-Bundt = experience of adorable doughnut, contestant for tea party.

TWEAKS: Always double recipe if have enough bananas. Use coconut oil not olive oil. Add extra vanilla. Can halve maple syrup/add stevia drops. Since currently not so into super-low carb for child, use full maple syrup.

Carbs = about 15g CHO per 1/10th recipe for loaf. Mini-Bundt yield 12, so about 12g CHO.