Wild Site


Yesterday, Bubs see teen girl running Nauset Beach with Inset 30 site on thigh, peek out from cute polka-dot suit. When girl stop close by, Bubs begin ostentatious display. Loud voice Dad, do you know where my METER is? Girl not notice. Loud voice Let’s see how many TEST STRIPS are left. Look toward Inset 30 girl. Expectant. Wait few beats. Prick finger, test. After meter count down 5-4-3-2-1, beep, loud voice, Mom, what’s my BLOOD GLUCOSE? Girl not notice. Next loud voice I think I need to clean out the SITE for my PUMP. Blast air can in site, replug pump. Girl not notice. Bubs lean in Bigfoot side, towel over face. I’m too shy to talk to her. Will you go tell her about me?

The actual girl in this picture is our cousin. Simulated Inset 30 girl in red.

Sweet girl so happy noticed, very patient speak w. Bubs. First time this girl spot pumper in wild also at Nauset Beach, but it five years ago. Everyone laugh at coincidence. Ha!



Bigfoot say other thing

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