Peep Show

Keep your pants on.

Keep your pants on and your bolus machine unlocked.

Easter = estrousĀ = IN HEAT. Hippity hoppity. Estrous bunny. People distract self from this embarrassing name w. colorful candy basket. Not sure how other parts of story fit in. Also still not sure gluten free status Cadbury Mini Egg.

Meanwhile, magical formula:

Chocolate (bunny, m&m—solid, almond, peanut, peanut butter, anything like that)

1/2 weight in g = g CHO


2/3 weight in g = g CHO or 7g CHO per Peep

Cream egg, caramel egg (from gluten-questioning Cadbury)

3/4 weight in g = g CHO

Jelly bean (Trader Joe’s colored w. spirulina for health)

entire weight in g = g CHO



Bigfoot say other thing

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