Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Macho, macho man.

Bedtime skinny white naked boy dance around, so immodest. Feel like Village Person live Bigfoot home because not 100% naked—teeny-tiny insulin pump fanny pack on all of time. Black. Same width Village Person arm band. When well-placed, Spibelt pretty much cover loins area. Almost good enough costume 6th Village Person: Construction, Cowboy, Police, Indian, Nipple Fetish Prostitute, Juvenile Diabetes.

Tomorrow = Easter. Chocolate bunny, Cadbury Miniegg pack, Cadbury Creme Egg, Cadbury Caramel Egg. Not equivocate. Not worry about candy/no candy. Only difference this year: skip jelly bean/peep BS, focus all chocolate.

Yesterday= Passover. Try calculate carbs for irregular shards matzoh. Now try matzoh farfel-base toffee square. Basically a compressed Samoa? Now toffee square maker friend say my dad is diabetic–so I understand about the carbs–he used to have to take insulin but he weaned himself off of it…this person so nice but Bigfoot wish stop…He has diabetic arteries, and I can’t count the number of times he has been in a coma…here Bigfoot become automaton, say I know I should want to know about this, but I can’t bear to hear about it right now. Cut off. Very rude. Friend try commiserate, total shut down. Hope understand.

Impossible: rosy Spibelt-wearing Village person in coma, bad artery. Impossible imagine Jack elderly also. Painful imagine child elderly, tube up nose, hospital gown, hairy ears, diabetic/not diabetic. Want children always rosy cheek, smooth skin, lacrosse stick, twinkle eye. Please not tell diabetes parent bad thing elderly relative. All children, if live long life, become elderly/bony/bad artery/kidney transplant/dead.