Sand = everywhere

Two situations

Beach day! Spend whole day. Bigfoot not worry about unhook pump for beach/swim. Smart Liz teach Bigfoot it OK, somehow body able transmit energy into cells if diabetic person active near water. However, for food must bolus twice: once for drip into Ziploc pump bag because forget what doing, 2nd time for after ask Bubs, Did you catch that? Did you feel that vibration? And Bubs look up blankly. Oops. I bolused into the baggie again. Let’s hook you up. Rummage-rummage-rummage.

The mother of invention. And fashion.

All beach time unhitch pump/hitch pump on. In/out water. Pump in baggie in cooler. Pump on bod. Baggie. Bod. Baggie. Bod. Somewhere along these transactions, sand jam infusion site clip. Eventually impossible unhitch zoobee from zoo. Vague memory this may be why Infusion Set Factory put extra clippy piece (included each packet, so cunning)—for sandy swim times? Anyway, by 2nd beach hour, Bubs’s pump site jam with sand so boy stuck in pump til leave. Or could rip out whole thing but not want make Grammy pass out. Sorry.


Bigfoot say other thing

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