This is the jumble in my brain: the price of insulin, the sale on the good Kashi bars, Republicans, TrialNet, inexorable marches. Also I’m taking the NCLEX this weekend, Mary Tyler Moore died, and Pat Toomey said the thing about burned down buildings.

Everything in the world seems terrible, except the program in Bubs’s pump is magically on-point and he has had almost normal blood glucose for days.


They’re each about 20g CHO. Plus protein + fat = easy to bolus correctly.

He keeps these bars in the nurse’s office for low-recovery and/or normal people hunger. They are so good. If you use the Target Cartwheel app, you can get them for like…$2/box right now. (I got twenty.) Salted Chocolate Chunk is the favorite, with Coconut Cashew in 2nd place.


Kashi Chewy Nutbutter Bars and more ideas for your Cartwheel app.

Burned down building #2 Tab is fine too, although has gone from 10 units/day to 15/day of Lantus this week.

And it’s time for him to go back to TrialNet. Do we still do that? This time they want him to do an OGTT and then, the next day, an MMTT. That’s new. I think they explained that in the OGTT they’re looking at c-peptide (maybe?) and MMTT they’re looking to see if he can lay a golden egg (?). I don’t remember the explanation, but it made sense.

I am conflicted. Tab wants to go. But am I the adult and do I allow it? In my universe of d-beliefs, high blood glucose kicks the already knocked-down pancreas in the face. TrialNet rules say he can have Lantus working during these tests, but not Humalog. So he will be high, high, high. (Bad.)



On the other hand, Tab is science. (Good.) And it is nice to have another set of medical eyes (eyes that see people like him every day) on him. (Also good.) And he’s going to get worse no matter what. (So.) Someone told me the progression of diabetes can be slow, but it is inexorable. And I thought “maybe that actually means the opposite of what I think it means, like inflammable.” No. Inexorable means exactly what you think it means and your pancreas keeps getting worse and worse. So I guess… go to TrialNet?

That means it’s also my turn to have an MMTT, and—as usual—I will be surprised by any result except an announcement in the New England Journal of Medicine that I am a miracle, and have completely healed myself with a low (ish) carb, gluten free (except for beer) diet.

Phone call from Joe. He’s at the pharmacy. Is it normal for Tab’s insulin to be $900 per box? Answer: YUP. Okay, just wanted to make sure.

My pharmaceutical surprise of the week: although both guys have Rx’s written by the same endo, for the same number of test strips (10x/day), the same insurance plan covered one guy for 150 strips/month; the other guy, 200 strips/month. Arithmetic reveals neither 150 nor 200 = one month supply @10/day. Why are the boys not covered for the same wrong number of strips? I used to have the curiosity to investigate these things. Now I’m just trying to get all of the prescriptions filled as often as possible to prepare for The Road.


When things on this screen are ok, I almost forget the rest.



Bigfoot say other thing

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