Camp + cramp

Bigfoot not want cramp style, but think sit on folding chair hallway outside video game design camp Brown University. OK?

Filling in form for camp.

Should student be restricted from any activity due to health reasons, etc?

Bigfoot choose radio button “no.”

Does your child have any dietary restrictions? For instance, nut allergy.

Bigfoot puzzle over. Then choose radio button “no.”

Does your child have any past or current medical conditions (physical or mental) that would require special attention?

Easy. Bigfoot choose radio button “yes.”

Please explain:

Bigfoot try balance keep simple/keep it real. Say: Bubs has Type 1 diabetes and wears an insulin pump. If he experiences hypoglycemia, he will need to test his blood sugar and eat sugar to correct it. When he eats lunch, he will need to take insulin. I plan to stay close by in case he needs help.

Second guessing self: is this really necessary? But not see any way around it. It = folding chair. For summer camp…How? How this supposed work? How do we do this? School so easy with Dream Nurse. Camp nurse maybe college kid with band-aid in metal box.

Bigfoot not mind sit chair hallway, only mind feeling of doing wrong thing. Bad feeling if excessively nerd—-or worse: creepy. Good feeling if this correct diabetes parent procedure. Call camp. Camp rep. no idea what do this situation just, “Yeah…I guess…I guess you’re right…you could sit…in the hall. I think that would be permitted.” Permitted? Anyway, assume wifi abundant Brown University computer lab area. Get lots work done.

Meanwhile for good times, Dream Babysitter show up, slim little diabetes backpack over shoulder. Play Apples to Apples all evening Bubs while Bigfoot and Spouse out for white beers and dinner. When not able decide which card best match for “hairy” (George Washington v. Ladybug), Dream Babysitter award point Marvin Redpost by place game card on this book cover. “Looks like another point for Marvin Redpost.”

So funny! So kind! So diabetic! Love Dream Babysitter. Hard not hope for some current 2 year old Type 1 so Bubs can be some lucky family’s Dream Babysitter too.


Bigfoot say other thing

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