Blogs to Remember to Read

It Blogroll. Slowly add. Probably many favorites not listed. Send alert & Bigfoot add.


Adventures in Diabetes Parenting

Carey Potash on dLife

Fifteen Wait Fifteen

Four Days to Two D*

I Have the Sugars

It’s a Dot Dot Dot (& trans)

Luke’s D-Day*

Moments of Wonderful

Neurotic City*

Raising Colorado

She Her D and Me

Stick With It Sugar


A Sweet Life (& remember to look at the recipes)

Texting My Pancreas

Type 1 Tot*

Unexpected Blues

* = these are rarely updated, but I find them worth obsessively checking, just like a pigeon who has learned to peck a lever for a treat will pathologically peck peck peck the lever long after the treats have stopped appearing. But then one day a pigeon treat appears, and then the pathological pecking becomes even more frantic.


All Day I Dream About Food

Ben and Birdy

Delighted Momma Recipes

Elena’s Pantry

Oh She Glows

Shannon’s Kitchen


Writing Out Loud

Stuffed Animals of the World

Someone Ate This


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