yaleToday Bubs started as a test subject in the Predicted Low Glucose Suspend algorithm for Tandem.  (Official name: “Tandem PLGS Pivotal Trial: A Randomized Clinical Trial to Assess the Efficacy of Predictive Low Glucose Suspend Versus Sensor-augmented Pump Therapy in the Management of Type 1 Diabetes.”) Each participant (I think they said there would be ninety?) spends three weeks on a Tandem X2 pump with the experimental PLGS software, and three weeks on a regular X2.

Other than having to drive halfway across the widest state in our nation to get to Yale, for us there is no downside. This is a super-cool next version of the pump we already use. You know what else is super-cool? The people running this study at Yale. They are really nice people. Going over the consent form, one person inquired: Do you have any questions? Is there anything about this study that makes you uncomfortable?

I was seated across from a tippy pile of binders with a stuffed animal base, and I mentioned this made me uncomfortable.



No one was harmed by falling binders and Bubs started on the PLGS pump this afternoon. I declare it a success. I shall sleep well tonight. I already trust it. Give me. Let me buy. Want that. Good. Yes.


The red columns are where basal insulin was suspended. We did not treat this low with any food. Amazing. SCIENCE!

This is Tandem’s timeline for the new software release.