About Diabetes Bigfoot

I am Katy and I love Graham Roumieu‘s Bigfoot books. I started this blog the day after my 8-year-old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The only way I could incorporate diabetes into my life with any joy was to imagine Graham Roumieu’s Bigfoot explaining it to me.

I wish there were more Bigfoot books, but my favorite book by Graham Roumieu is not even a Bigfoot book. It is Cat and Gnome. (<–At the time I added this link, the price was ninety-nine cents!)

Two years later I’m adding this, for the benefit of imaginary people who are scolding me: I record a lot of conversations in this blog. I’m sure I usually don’t get them exactly right. Another year later, I’m adding this: it’s as accurate as I see fit. (<—Mike Lawson reference.)

My son with Type 1 also has celiac disease, so I write a lot about gluten free food.

Two others of us are knee-deep in TrialNet. My older son was diagnosed with being on the verge of being diagnosed with T1d. He is currently enrolled in a drug trial. The experimental drug appears to have stopped/reversed the Langerhans attack; more than a year after having the drugs, he has normal glycemia during oral glucose tolerance tests.

I am currently enrolled in a TrialNet study of recently-diagnosed PWT1d. But I barely have T1d. I mean barely. I have never taken insulin.

My husband has no diabetes at all. Sometimes we test his blood sugar after he eats a bunch of carbs, just to marvel at the result. It is also fun to approach him with a lancing device, because he screams in fear.


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