Dexcom G4: Monkey Schlongs

Questions I'll be researching tonight before I zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Questions I’ll be researching tonight before I zzzzzzzzzzzzz

1. Dexcom work whilst charging? Dexcom battery prefer run down all way zero, then charge? Or just charge any time convenient? How fit Dexcom charge into Bigfoot active lifestyle?

2. Is?

3. Tomorrow school. Bubs keep Dexcom in pocket? In auxiliary Spibelt? Cram into same Spibelt as pump? Electrical interference pump/Dexcom issue? Ideally will obtain Flava Flav lanyard like D-Kid. And re nurse: ask nurse calibrate if Dexcom alarm but way off base?

4. What parent do/feel when arrow UP but already lots IOB? Maybe just silently to self okay, I know I know I’m doing a shitty job thank you very much. 

After dinner

After dinner: monkey schlong

Meanwhile…after dinner (20g CHO: chicken leg + apple + 2 mini peanut butter cups) take peek @Dexcom. Behold. 179, arrow up like excited monkey.

BUBS: Awwwrrrgh! Oh man, I’m going up!

BIGFOOT: You just ate. I think that’s normal

BUBS: Can I check? Can we see? Can I check into this?


That says 248.

That says 248.

VerioIQ report 248.

BUBS: Awwww! Oh nooo! (In weary tone) Let’s calibrate. (Sigh.)

Not sure why dejected. Not realize so often high? Maybe Bubs, like yesterday mother, thought Dexcom = never ever high again ever.

You said 179. I said no, 248. Now you say, okay...218. How did you settle on that figure?

You said 179. I said no, 248. Now you say, okay…218. How did you settle on that figure?

Calibrate Dexcom. Enter 248. Dexcom recant 179; show 218. How decide? Why not whole hog–just told Dexcom 248 is correct answer. Unwilling admit error depth?

BFOOT: Can I test my blood sugar?

BUBS: Sure

Where this come from? Part is same old fantasy: Bigfoot get diabetes, figure out perfect-perfect perfect everything by experiment on self, save child, save world. Part is Bigfoot feel utter crud, think maybe high BG? Feel sluggish, tired. Other part is: meter accurate? Bigfoot result: 198.

BUBS: Mamma has diabetes! Mom, will you be okay? Oh, no. No no no! Poor mamma

BFOOT: If I have diabetes, I guess I’ll know how to take care of it

BUBS: But Mom, Mom, Mom! Oh no, I hope you don’t have diabetes!

BFOOT: It could just be the meter

BUBS: You better wash your hands. Remember you were touching those peanut butter cups?

Wash hands. 156. Ayayayay! High blood glucose for real! Make brain too dumb, body too lazy, feel like fall asleep face on kitchen counter. This trouble caused by kale soup + five Cadbury Mini-egg. Quick ask spouse hide remaining Cadbury.

Meanwhile. Bubs correction: 0.35u for 248. Not sure correct action. Pump recommend via EzBG, but no endo ever recommend test BG 1/2 hour after eat peanut butter cups.

Summary Day 3: Dexcom still amaze. But not know how best use information. Check it: you ate peanut butter cups and now you are high. <—How transform A (A = agog observe) into B (B = pro-active power moves).