Bragging About Job Lot

Dear Rhode Island Gluten Frees,

You must know this. Everything under $10 is 40% off at Ocean State Job Lot today, tomorrow, and over the weekend. I couldn’t get a certain answer re whether things will be replenished each night, or if they’re just going to run out of everything, but I recommend going—no matter what—for the super-fun, totally Rhode Island-y scene. Soundtrack to the experience includes Journey, Steely Dan, and Brandy You’re a Fine Girl.

My favorite part was bumping into a friend who told me (quietly) that she didn’t care that Benny’s closed. (I agreed.) Other than that, my favorite part was looking at my receipt after escaping from the store. Look at this bounty:


This is a big bag of gluten free pretzels. $1.79.


This is one pound of brown sugar. $0.77. Also available in light brown. (I do not actually know if this is a good price.)


Two pounds of GF rolled oats: $3.29.


The fastest way to end hypoglycemia. $2.09. 


Big coconut flakes, for your granola making: $1.91.


Big jars of our favorite jam: $2.39.


The best cup-for-cup replacement flour: $2.39. (I got the last two at the Warren store–maybe they will replenish?)


$2.93 for 1.5 pounds of GF steel cut oats.


$5.39/pound: superfine almond flour. I got a ton. I don’t think they will run out. There seems to be a bottomless supply.


Cooling rack $1.80. One of mine got kind of chicken-y last night, so I needed a new one.


$0.99/6-pack. All of the flavors are there. I chose all cranberry lime.


3 responses to “Bragging About Job Lot

  1. Anonymous

    ohmygawsh BENNY’S! That said: you’ve reminded me of the caliber of JELLIES I used to get. Rocking the OSJL!


  2. bfadamo

    I’m gonna go tomorrow. Thanks for alert! Amazing price for the Domino brown sugar, btw, especially considering it now has the butterfly non-GMO label. Dark is best for choc chip cookies!


  3. skchrisman



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