Food (& win a book!)

This spring we moved, and our new house came with a broken (yet so fancy) oven, so we spent some time scheming how to save the fancy oven instead of replacing it, and the whole time it was hot/summer, and I didn’t cook at all except for salad and buying things for Joe to grill, and cracking open cans of seltzer.


It was a GREAT summer for seltzer.

After a few months of this, we realized the fancy oven would be impossible to save, so we got a normal oven and the weather got cooler and BOOM: I like cooking again. Or maybe it was Carolyn Ketchum’s new cookbook that got me back into it. It was published yesterday. I wrote this review of it for A Sweet Life, and every word is true. I love this book. But what I didn’t mention in the review is that I hadn’t realized (before reading the book) why a d-person would want a ketogenic diet, not just a low carb diet. A ketogenic diet does seem to me to be very, very, very difficult to implement in a family comprised of people bigger than you, who have bicycles and money to buy their own grinders and bagels. And yet. We do what we can. Right?

So far from this book we have had (and loved):

  • the pulled pork—the easiest and best version I’ve ever made. Even *I* liked it, and I hate all porks
  • cheesy broccoli (un-tater) tots
  • roasted tomato cream sauce (for the tots)
  • apple cider donut mini muffins

I am DYING to try but have not yet tried because I can’t find the waffle maker:

  • Cheesy Spinach Cauliflower Waffles

Also totally going to make this week:

  • Easy Taco Pie
  • Cheddar Zucchini Drop Scones
  • Easy Peanut Butter Cups

This book also taught me to use the grating blade of my Cuisinart for cauliflower rice. I had no idea. Carolyn has offered Readers of This (this one!) Blog (you!) a chance to win a copy of her book. Instructions how-to are below.

Ok, so let’s see…there was the oven, the book, and another thing happened that got me interested in food. Alanna’s new blog. Specifically this recipe. I have not yet made it, and I have not yet stopped thinking about it. Ideally, someone else would make it for me, and I could be all, “Wow, thanks, you really understand me.”

Being interested in cooking again means my food-mind opened and I fell for this chicken saltimbocca recipe as a Facebook video link (“dinner in 30 minutes!”) and was amazed that it worked and really was ready in 30 minutes. We had that last night. I would do that again. Everyone liked it and, with approx 1.5 baby potatoes per person, it was <10 g CHO. The hardest part was getting the three slices of prosciutto at the deli and the deli guy saying it was too light to weigh, and no one knowing what to do.

To enter to win a copy of Carolyn Ketchum’s The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen, please leave a comment (below) telling me what you’re making for dinner. I will choose one name at random this Sunday, October 8th and will contact you via email if you win! (After you win, I will give your mailing address to the book publisher, and they will send you a copy. Easy! Wow!) Good luck.



14 responses to “Food (& win a book!)

  1. I’m so glad you’re back on the blog!! I’m cooking a Sun Basket (meal delivery thingy) recipe tonight. Something to do with taquitos and cauliflower. And by me, I mean my husband 🙂

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  2. Mary Margaret

    I’m still in grill mode, trying to use up the gas. Dinner is chicken thighs, late season tomatoes and green beans from the garden, and a lettuce salad. I’m ready to cook again too, though, sign me up for the chance to win a new cookbook!

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  3. Kelli

    We are having chicken tortellini soup because we are on day 4 with the type 1 kiddo having a fever and I am trying to get him to eat,

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  4. Wow! What timing! I’ve been thinking you need to talk about food, gluten free and non. I was going to leave a comment, please talk about food?! For the kids tonight, beanie weenies. For my husband and I – hmm, not sure yet.

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  5. I think you gave me your waffle maker when you were gluten cleansing your kitchen. Did you buy another and then misplace in the move? Fun PDX Bad Fact: Polar seltzer is *just* making its way here and there are only basic flavors and NOTHING fun like that can you have pictured!

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  6. Yay for main dishes from Carolyn Ketchum! I really only have tried her baked goods/desserts. Thanks for letting us know. Tonight we are having chicken caesar salad, which even my salad-averse sons all love.


  7. Holiday Squash Soup WAS on the menu w crusty bread or apple slices for eating/dipping, but saving for tomorrow now as for got we won’t be eating at same time so Tom’s market prepared food now! Haha Thanks for lots of inspiration as I needed some. Ew ideas! Book sounds great!!! G

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  8. Holiday Squash Soup WAS on the menu w crusty bread or apple slices for eating/dipping, but saving for tomorrow now as for got we won’t be eating at same time so Tom’s market prepared food now! Haha Thanks for lots of inspiration as I needed some new ideas! Book sounds great!!! G

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  9. Nikki Plain and Simple

    Hello! supper tonight is cauliflower tabbouleh and a crustless spinach quiche. If hubby is still hungry, will feed him dill pickles (we somehow have a surplus).


  10. For dinner tonight I am making… ah the heck with it, I can’t fake it. I am driving only 24 miles south to play music at a brewery. I will eat some leftovers before I go and buy some crap at a market when I get out of the gig and eat it on the way home. But I did save the link to the Broc Cheddar soup, and we can always use free cookbooks for when somebody feels like making something good.

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  11. Heather

    Roasted Honey Rosemary Chix Thighs, (I think) arugula salad with roasted carrots and pom molasses vinaigrette. ihopeiwinihopeiwinihopeiwin


  12. Jennifer

    Tonight I am making mac and cheese from scratch as an elaborate way to use up the leftover chili from last night. Two of my fingers on my left hand are still stinging from the task of chopping up a habenero pepper for said chili! Be very careful if you have to do any hot pepper slicing and dicing. I want to try those cheesey spinach cauliflower waffles, sounds so yum.


  13. skchrisman

    My lovely husband prepared salmon, stir-fried zucchini and wild rice as I am banned from cooking and dish washing until cleared by my doctor! I’m trying to continue to enjoy the break. Willing myself not to care. This book! Hooray for it, and you getting back into your oven and blog game!

    Applause from Cincinnati.


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