Things to Think About


Also we were given this book for teens with diabetes.

Happy holidays and all that. We had some endo days and these are my notes.

One thing: Tab’s keeping Lantus at 10u/day, and adding Humalog with meals at 1:70.

One to S E V E N T Y. (!)

The care team says Tab also needs a glucagon kit at school, ketone strips for school, and a medical alert bracelet to wear at all times. I said something like that sounds serious and they said something like we for real. The endo said the iPhone medical ID and T1d stickers on medical devices do not suffice and both guys really need to wear bracelets, because that is what EMTs look for. Our group was meh on this. I don’t believe I have been spoken to about the necessity of bracelets since several endos ago. I actually thought bracelets were a relic—due to the ubiquity of iPhones—like a Walkman. We agreed we’d order Road IDs. We have yet to do this. Remember.

Bubs is fine. No changes. He is taller. He has no questions or comments. He is, frankly, bored with disease. Does it spice things up at all, to have his brother added into the mix? It appears not to have done so.

One favorite part of the first appointment was that it ended right at lunch time and the sushi bar we pass on our way home has a $12 lunch special: any two maki rolls, miso soup, and your choice of green tea or Diet Coke. Tab probably should have bolused.

Two days later = today. Tab and I went in for newbie meetings with the dietitian and the CDE. It was interesting to see what had changed in five years, in terms of basic d-education.

What struck me about the dietitian portion of the program is that a dietitian seems to be required to say things d-people no longer believe, e.g. grains are necessary (as per MyPlate), or eggs cause heart disease. It sounds like old information, but maybe it only seems old and is actually cutting edge? Also “free snacks”—has this concept ever applied to my original d-person? By the time Bubs’s I:C ratio was banging enough to require insulin for a snack, I think he had a pump. But today all the classics were laid out before us: sugarless jello and whipped topping; three celery sticks, each with with one tsp. peanut butter and two raisins. String cheese. Olives. Cream cheese, your choice of regular or low fat. I remembered that we do like Knox Blox and that I briefly had amazing fingernails.


You can also look up the g CHO in all of your alcohols in this book.

The Calorie King = still a thing. The 2016 edition is green instead of blue, but the floating-head royal portrait remains exactly the same. We spent a chunk of the dietitian’s time carb counting an imaginary meal of tuna-avocado rolls and miso soup, trying to parse why the King in the book declares miso soup 11 g CHO/cup but the King online calls it 5 g CHO/cup. This discrepancy was used as a lesson in consulting multiple resources to come up with a best guess. We looked up carbs in miso, carbs in tofu, carbs in seaweed and decided to go with the 5g CHO guess.

What struck me about the CDE part of things was that her content was pretty much the same as it was five years ago, but I (having, uh, matured, I guess) was much more aware of the depth of her kindness. She emphasized the philosophy that a d-person ought not blame himself, that he ought to have a target of 80-150, but know full well he will miss that target on the regular. When I heard those precise sentiments five years ago, I believe I heard it as a challenge: ah, but they’ve never met a person quite like me before—I will do everything right! This time I took it as truth. They’ve met a person like me thousands of times.

After all that, Tab and I were still in a miso soup and “free snacks” mode, so we went to the little Whole Foods and got stuff to make dashi so our home miso soup would taste more restaurant-y. Tab headed over to produce to get scallions, and on my way to the seaweed aisle I happened upon Tab’s nursery school teacher (LOVE) and she gave me a big hug. Then Tab came over all six feet tall and handsome with a bouquet of scallions and reserved demeanor oh, hi, yes, I remember you, nursery school, right, but you could kind of tell he was confused while the teacher probably saw his exact same baby head but on a man body.

fullsizerenderAll of that juxtaposing wore me out and turned my mind toward acquisitions. I went and spent my Christmas money on an Apple Watch. My idea at the time of purchase was that I could really blossom as a caregiver with children’s glucose data upon my wrist. Now that I’ve had the watch on for a few hours, I believe it’s going to sort out my whole life. It already rumbled at me when I sat still for too long.


20 responses to “Things to Think About

  1. Rick Phillips

    I understand those with the apple watch love it. I love having access to the data. It makes such a great difference in the management of blood sugar.

    As for the glucagon and the bracelet. Yeah, I know it sounds like overkill, but it does make good sense in case something goes wrong.

    (This from a man who went 5 months at school without telling the nurse I was taking insulin in 1975. yeah that did not go over so well), oh well!! )

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  2. 1:70 is not a real ratio. It’s just numbers and dots and stuff. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Also, we love RoadID. It’s the only thing that V will wear without needing to take it off. Do spend the extra $ on scratch-resistant tag, it’s well worth it.

    Lastly, your post reminded me to look for a Celiac-friendly sushi joint in town.

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  3. I always enjoy your writing, and often laugh out loud. Thank you for that! Surprising and disappointing that the dietician sounds so “old school”, and great that the CDE was so kind…
    I haven’t worn a medic alert bracelet for 30 years, and hope that saying that out loud doesn’t jinx me! I rely now on my iPhone info and assume that paramedics have to be trained to look for that too! Hope I never need to find out…

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  4. Larry Hirshberg

    We are seven years in. Saw the Dietician once at the very beginning, and were embarrassed for her. It makes me sad that you heard the same stuff today. Auto-pilot America rides on. Lame. In the interest of leaving a not-entirely-negative post, I will say that I enjoyed the image of you D pros doing some carb counting under a watchful eye.

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  5. Bonni Brennan

    💗 that is all

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  6. I am a big believer in alert bracelets. As much as we hate to imagine emergency scenarios, the fact is that our phone may not be on our person by the time we are receiving care. I do have the Medical ID info completed on my phone, but I consider it at best a back-up to the alert bracelet.

    Hope you enjoy the Apple Watch. I like it quite a bit, but am frustrated with how often I get disconnected from my Dexcom. I am currently using a G4 Share transmitter so the app on my watch looks like what you have. The disconnects are not the fault of the watch but happen between the transmitter and the phone.

    Nice to get an update from you:-)

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  7. skchrisman


    I just sent my non-pwd on her first long driving journey by herself with a brand new Road ID. Being at college for a while helped her decide it was time. After having had several different types, I settled on never wanting anything other than the wrist ID Elite. As her first, B got the Slim Elite. It is TEENY TINY. Text is also teeny tiny, as in if you only use 4 lines of text, not 5, they do not enlarge the font to use the available space. (only negative ever.) I don’t recommend that one for your guys. You are relying on a person with perfect vision, or perfect lenses to be able to see the data. We wear ours in all water, shower, pool, etc. I highly recommend that. Plus the little additional medical symbol badge is a bonus! Also, if someone in your camp just wants the slim without clasp, you run the risk of the ID slipping around to the bottom which eventually rubs at the engraved text. We started with that one for Pip when her wrists were too small, and had to get a counterweight. Let me know if you need a little coupon!

    My original ID was the sport. I felt it took too long to dry.

    Pip has a J.O.B.! So many different reasons they are a good idea. This is our newest reason I’m glad she wears her ID. She has to wear a fanny pack (cute My Tagalong) and had to revert to using the Dex receiver because she works at an upscale Cinema Grill and her phone alarms would be disruptive! Now I get why an Apple Watch is a good thing!

    As soon as I got my Fitbit Charge HR, they came out with an ID for those so I got it right away. BUT…I still needed a regular Elite one to wear while doing water sport activities. By now I have 6 or more different colored bands (because fashion). They have ID for Apple Watch! You’d think it’d add bulk or weight, but it doesn’t and it gives you an air of a person who really has her sh*t together! 🙂

    I LOVE this company and their customer service. They’ve gone out of their way over the years to make sure I’m a happy camper.

    1:70! wow. Dietitian not wow. She could learn a thing or two (or three) from you! I feel like I don’t have anything to learn from that, but my take away is that there are still so many people in this life who don’t understand food.

    Love, your friendly Road ID spokesperson…(they are so close I can visit their shop!!) LONGEST Reply ever. Apologies and Hugs.


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    • We’ve had Road IDs before and the tiny font info is all but worn away! I’ll def get the scratch guard you speak of.

      I could definitely use the air of having shit together.


      • skchrisman

        Road ID will replace anything you’re not happy with, regardless of length of time you’ve had the item. Like they have their very own LLBean guarantee. 🙂


  8. shannon

    i love you and everything you choose to be

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  9. i HAVE TO sign in to reply, but I can’t remember my wordpress stuff. But I loved this piece, esp. this: This time I took it as truth. They’ve met a person like me thousands of times. xo

    On Thu, Dec 29, 2016 at 7:09 PM, Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes wrote:

    > Katy posted: ” Happy holidays and all that. We had some endo days and > these are my notes. One thing: Tab’s keeping Lantus at 10u/day, and adding > Humalog with meals at 1:70. One to S E V E N T Y. (!) The care team > says Tab also needs a glucagon kit at school” >

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  10. Firstly, misss you! Secondly, feel you on the ID. My kid will not wear. After he “lost” a few RoadID bands, I tried a (cheap, 2nd-hand) pebble watch w Road ID plaque with added bonus that he could see his BG on watch in case he wished to inform school nurse or other that he was going up or down or whatever. Still he hated. Maybe too much. Plus teacher made him take off bc he was playing w timer and other features. I do love my Pebble and am sad they sold to Fitbit but will enjoy as long as it works. For now, I follow him w dex share and life365. Some piece of mind when not with him though I know it’s not foolproof. What can you do? As for the dietitian, maybe she was intern? Like I am right now? Totally bumbling things. But if I got a d-patient… he’d be all, whoah, mr. miyagi, and i’d be all, be the mtfbloodsugar, daniel san.
    Anyhooooo, no time for love dr jones, had to end blog and do school, so hit me up on insta, trzatrza.
    I still can’t believe you have two now. You are stellar mom.


  11. Oh, yes, I couldn’t believe how much the “Diabetes Binder” changed from child #1 to child #2 – Color! Updated designs!! I honestly didn’t look through it much.

    Our endo office was quite confused as to what to do with Trialnet study diagnosed child. (Do you have a referral? No. Do you ___? No, just a flunking number OGTT and an official diagnosis date.) I guess we get to be ground breakers, it’s a new era of diabetes! 🙂


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