Survey Says…


A letter from the U.S. Census Bureau arrived today. A $2 bill was inside, with a password for an online survey about children’s health. Shoot, I’d do it for free! We never get picked for surveys. At last, an opportunity to remake American data in my own image!

The survey was anonymous, but asked for the ages of the kids in my household, and for a nickname for each child. I called one BK and the other JK. At random, the survey chose to focus its inquiry on “BK,” so I was easily able to provide $2 worth of children’s health info.

census (1)

Medicine other than vitamins. Cute!


The next questions were all about specific diseases: has a doctor or other health care provider EVER told you that BK has cystic fibrosis? No. …asthma? No. …a heart condition? No. This? No. That? No. And then…

: 0


Is it Mild, Moderate, Severe? I was stumped, but ultimately chose Severe.

Then there was a salt-in-wound series of questions:

how much money

How often are these costs reasonable? Never. I was just being polite.

Then the questions turned personal and guilt-inducing.anger

(I was going to say that BK Never does things that really bother me a lot, but thought that would make my Never being angry with BK seem like a lie.)

Artfully placed breathing space/bragging space—watch me:

very well parent

After that warm fuzzy, the survey gave me a new thing to worry about. insurance

Shut up.

This next part was a bright spot. Hashbrown blessed.






2 responses to “Survey Says…

  1. skchrisman

    I love that you shared this survey and I read the whole thing. A chance to tell about support from diabetes online community? Woot! I too worry about future. Thinking about carrying kiddo on insurance until only 26 years old is scary. Not old enough to have to take it all on themselves with strong roots in a stable adult situation. But the fact we know so many amazing adult type 1 people should be reassuring to us that it will all be okay. Right?


  2. Wow– mighty personal questions (and impersonal approach) for an unsolicited survey. Does the census bureau really solicit with cash enticements? I’m surprised and skeptical.

    With that aside, those first few questions sure made me feel Iike a victimized piece of crap just from reading them, and the last few twisted the knife. I’m generally OK when separating objective research from feelings, but this surveys danced right on that line — apparently without warning.

    Short version: This survey is highly inappropriate, and if you choose to argue against it, you’ve got my full support. But keep the $2 and buy yourself something nice.


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