Two Good Things and a Plan for The Barely There

Two good gluten free things, new to us.

Both will ice cream sandwich. Neither is low carb. But if you are sad you can’t have brownie brittle, or need to make tiny adorable ice cream sandwiches with a Pennsylvania twist, these are good for that.


We made brownie brittle sandwiches with a small scoop of Ben & Jerry’s vanilla in side and call it 22g CHO.

More fun:

It was endo day. Glorious. Here are some actual quotes from Talbot*, post-appointment.

That was fun.

She is so interesting.

I wish she could be my biology teacher.

I like going to the endocrinologist. (<—-!)

The endo (the sparkling one, the one who is leaving) spent over 90 minutes answering questions and introducing us to how T1d happens, how insulin and glucagon work, how the alpha cells malfunction when the beta cells are messed up, muscles, brains, seizures, enzymes, and more. It was fascinating.

My questions were things like: Could Tab’s blood sugar have been high those two days he had OGTTs because they overlapped with the block of time he had a concussion and wasn’t allowed to play sports? And dream endo’s answer was something like: Having to be more sedentary than usual could be a factor, but no, not really, we would not expect someone without diabetes to have high blood glucose from sitting still. She added something along the lines of we don’t know how this will unfold or what the timeline is, but I don’t think you should hope it is going to reverse, because it is not going to, sorry.

She told Tab something along the lines of…you might become aware that certain foods make you feel bleh, gross, and so you could consider that when choosing what you want to eat. And re the bounty of exciting gluten & carb foods he will encounter at camp: When you’re at camp, don’t sit out if there’s hot fudge sundae night or s’mores, and don’t feel you need to exclude yourself from certain foods, but maybe for breakfast tend to choose the bacon and eggs and cheese and toast instead of the pancakes with syrup. (<—exactly what I was hoping she would say. <3. Sigh.)

She made a plan. She gave him his own meter. This almost imperceptibly slid him into the realm of genuine d-person. No woe or whoa just whoomp, there it is. Shrug. And so I feel I have witnessed the dawn of a twinkle of a beginning of a formalized plan for the new group of T1d people TrialNet has created, The Barely Theres. Every day, TrialNet must be revealing more Barely Theres, maybe by the handful. It will be interesting to see what plans other endos come up with, but I can’t imagine a more sensical one than this:

  • Check your BG when you wake up M, W, and F. Call the office if > 120.
  • Check again 2 hours after dinner on those days too. Call the office if > 150.
  • Record the numbers in this handy log book.

She also said his A1c is 5.5. I googled and that is the high end of completely normal by ADA standards. (But would be totally sneered upon at a Crossfit or Dr. Bernstein convention.)


Everything’s fine.

*I’m using Talbot (as in Sam Talbot) as a code name for my new allegedly diabetic person. I would use Sam, to sound less yacht clubby, but we have a real-life Sam here. The nickname for the code name Talbot will be Tab. Like the soda.



  1. Frank · June 8, 2016

    I hope that the plan gives you a bit more certainty. Thinking of you all.


  2. Catherine Bardagy Winchild · June 8, 2016

    real life sam! she sounds dreamy. i’m glad Tab was impressed


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