A+ for enthusiasm.

Evening party on the beach. We did not anticipate swimming. No bathing suits, no towels, just food, drinks, and frisbee.

A person dove for the frisbee and got wet, and emerged from the dive with a non-functioning phone and pump. Joe drove home to gather insulin, Dexcom receiver, and associated items.


Right next to the Forbidden All-Bran and Forbidden Seitan.

When we got home from the beach, we saw Joe had placed the damp electronics into some rice to stimulate healing. He said he chose to use this rice because it had obviously been saved for the specific purpose of absorbing ocean from places it does not belong.

I saw it said FORBIDDEN. I thought it must have gluten, and that you wanted to make sure we didn’t eat it, and were saving it for some non-food reason.



One response to “Verboten

  1. skchrisman

    Again with the need for rice! Ah, life. I often dream of the day when all devices will be waterproof. Crossing fingers forbidden rice does the job. Will you find gluten is the answer for increased absorption of ocean? Wouldn’t it be lovely if gluten did something good for a change?


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