J’suis My Sharona

Person rarely at a party finds self at a karaoke party (The Knack, Bay City Rollers, Queen.) I think this is the best thing in the world. Someone overhears me say to Joe we should have a party here for our [both in May] birthdays!

OVERHEARER: Ehhhh, you should just go to Paris for the weekend. (Nods at Joe.) Take her to Paris.

BIGFOOT: I think this is better than Paris.

OVER: Are you kidding? You wouldn’t want to go to Paris for a weekend?

BF: I don’t know, I think I like this more. If I were in Paris I would be worried about how expensive everything is–

JOE: And we haven’t really found someone we can trust to take care of our kids overnight.

OVER: You what?! How old are they?

JOE: 13 and 14.

OVER: Thir—

BF: One of our guys has a medical thing.

OVERH: But still, 13 and 14? And you never get away? What is wrong with him?

JOE: It’s not that big of a thing. He has diabetes.

OVERH: Diabetes?! (Screws up face to indicate befuddlement.) That’s not so bad.

BF: No, it’s not bad at all, but he doesn’t know how to troubleshoot all of his devices yet. And I like this. This is–

OVERH: Oh, he has device–you know what? You guys need to find some joy. 

Eh, erm, thanks for the tip. But karaoke party joy is good joy for me. It’s enough. Did I seem sad? I was dancing. Is my dancing sad? Did it look more like a seizure? Maybe my affect was unreadable because my pants may have been mistaken for pajamas? (I assure you they are real pants.)

13010907_10154194162949558_6194759339375824280_nI don’t remember European joy being more intense. I suppose Parisians could play The Knack really loud and have $4 whiskeys. That would be the only way to make a fair comparison.

I can’t, but would like to, turn this into an opportunity to feel superior: morally, emotionally, carbon footprint-ly. Aren’t we grand, enjoying the here and now? Aren’t we practically zen masters, with our ability to see clearly the goodness here before us? Isn’t true wealth wanting what you already have?

Not quite. That person was right. It is sad that we don’t get to go away. Bon chance.





5 responses to “J’suis My Sharona

  1. Pam

    If I’d recently been to a karaoke party, this would describe exactly a recent conversation about our upcoming significant anniversary. Se la vie.


  2. I’m always asked when my next holiday will be. People don’t understand that travelling isn’t a priority for me and that I’m content in putting the money towards other things. So, yeah, don’t live by other people’s comments. Do what makes you happy.


  3. I can’t believe you got to go to a Karaoke party. Where WAS this?


  4. Susan Alario

    We had a karaoke party for T.’s 65th b’day in Dec. It was a hoot and he had the best time!! Just got back from Europe and hmmm, was very nice, but not fun in the same way as k. party!!


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