Christel Clear

FullSizeRender-2A box as big as our kitchen arrived this week. Inside was a 90 day supply of Cleo kachunkers, tubing, and associated cartridges/syringes/needles. That’s how today became diabetes KonMari day. (Christel’s post was the inspiration, of course.)

Cleaning up after the initial d-storage dump-out was like sifting through a time capsule. In the end, I got rid of a heap of junk and put the more current junk in its place.

Only the green giraffe Tallygear and metallic gold Spibelt sparked joy, but I kept a bunch of other items too. I like things neat, but I’m not a murderer.

Meanwhile, Bubs has a job babysitting for a puppy. The puppy lives down the street, far away enough that I can’t casually spy. And the puppy’s family keeps a special cupboard filled with tantalizing gluten free snacks. And then they pay him money.

So suddenly he’s all man about town, money spilling out of his pockets, eating unmeasured kettlecorn at a job and riding his bicycle into town and buying Awful Awful Juniors and dosing on his own SWAG. He is so much better at this than I have ever been.

LUGUBRIOUS METAPHOR ALERT (gasp): I’m the too-small Spibelt.






  1. Larry Here · February 21, 2016

    That Animas Ping Dongle (I absolutely hate that thing and that word) gave me chills. I never mastered it’s use and consequently, my daughter may be doomed to complications later in life.


  2. Larry Here · February 21, 2016

    And dammit I put an apostrophe where I shouldn’t have. This is why YOU have a famous blog, and I am a college dropout.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katy · February 21, 2016

      Larry, are you spying on me? I had an irreparable situation here today with an apostrophe I put in Starbucks. Dying.


  3. Pam · February 22, 2016

    I thought I’d kept everything but it never occurred to me to keep transmitter sized cut-outs. I do, however, have a shoebox full of unused Animas pump tubing I’ve collected over the years which I’m convinced I’ll find an excellent use for.
    And yay for the ‘he’s so much better at this than I’ve ever been’ feeling. That’s happening here sometimes too- but I continue to give myself credit as you should too- they had to learn it somewhere.


  4. type1tot · February 23, 2016

    Nice job sparking joy with cleaning up D supplies. Also, “I’m the too-small Spibelt”??? Sniff. 😦
    But also, hell yeah. Foreign travel without children in your near future….


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