E-2, Brute?


This feels pretty bad.

That experience was heinous but mercifully brief.

I could not have predicted how new and freshly horrible everything about diabetes would feel with this pump change. Everything was bad, all at once.

Yesterday and today, every time B ate, he’d be high. And not just high like a spike, but high like HIGH: too high to name a number. And the number would not go down post-correction bolus.

And our ketone meter was saying E-2 to our strips. And then–fern it all–our backup ketone meter said E-2 too. I didn’t bother looking up what an E-2 is. I am pretty sure it means you’re terribly unprepared.

We stayed up all night, watching the Dexcom and pondering these questions:

Does bolus in t:slim world not mean “hit of insulin”?

Are we inadvertently canceling the boluses we enter?

Is the cartridge not filled correctly?

Is Bubs allergic to the Cleo sites?

Is there a leak?


Bad insulin?

Bum pump?

Is the thing I think is a set of souvenir t:slim keychains actually an integral piece of the system?

Paranoia set in: is the pump in an evil “training mode” that only a CDE with access to a secret code can deliver us from?

What should we read?

What videos should we watch?



Today, thanks to friends with t:slims who were generously available by email and text, and some very tasty blog posts circa 2013-14, the t:slim works. That thing pumps insulin. BOOM!


Seeing a number under 200 feels like a technological miracle. Wheee!

I think the problem was either that I had pushed the needle into the cartridge gasket too far, that I hadn’t checked carefully for bubbles, or that I had not thrown a big enough hissy fit. Not meeting with a pro trainer may also have played a role.

This afternoon, I filled a new cartridge, verrrry carefully. Now the pumping is A-OK.

Thank you and good night.



  1. gstabach · January 3, 2016

    Yay!!!! Success…hope your heart rate wasn’t equal to mine while reading!!! xo


  2. skchrisman · January 4, 2016

    Your pump learning curve is EXACTLY what it’s like to have a teen in “Like, whatever, Mom…I feel fine.” mode! Glad you’re once again A-OK!


  3. reyna · January 5, 2016

    Way 2 go Katy!!!


  4. type1tot · January 7, 2016

    So humbling, starting over. Glad you’re on track. As for ketone strip error message, are your ketone strips “expired”? If so, change date on meter so meter does not think they are expired. Time travel and diabetes. Looking forward to more thoughts on Tslim. Not too iphone/game looking? My kid would be trying to play Clash of Clans on it….


  5. Need A Nap2 · January 10, 2016

    My oldest daughter has had her t:slim for 2 years, we like it for the most part but the change out time is long. We’ve started keeping our “key ring” thing in the bottle of insulin box. We’ve only used the Cleo sets with it. Someone said they have used a hair dryer on the cleo to help activate the adhesive, I haven’t tried it. 🙂


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