New Year New Pump


A familiar but different mess.

T:slim arrived last week & got going today. There were some surprises:


This pump is tiny. It’s way smaller in my own home than it ever looked in a friend’s hand or pocket. It is probably smaller than the pump for the American Girl doll.

Filling the cartridge

airCould it be true that the instructions had me intentionally suck air from the pump’s empty reservoir into my (tidy & so bubble-free) insulin-filled, reservoir-loader syringe, to ensure the pump reservoir (a baggie?) would be free from air?

Why is there air in the baggie? Is it intentional, or just physics/entropy? Maybe the air prevents the baggie from becoming wrinkly?

Then I watched a user video and the person did not even suck out the air.

Is it even a baggie?


Next I filled the tubing, which took so long I was certain I was doing it incorrectly. I was watching the tubing, and seeing nothing, but hearing the zzzzhts of insulin, over and over and over, ten units, twenty units…and not one drop of insulin emerged from the clip at the end of the tubing. Until it did. I bet this is a good example of a time a person could use a meditative coloring book.


Cleo infusion sets were included in our pump package. We did not ask for these, and I think Contact-Detach (our current set) works with t:slim.

I waved a purple kachunker and was all Hey Bubs, you wanna try this? He was all Could you do it? I was all Sure, where do you want it? He was all No, I mean can you do it to yourself? To see if it hurts? I was all Suuuuure. Then I was terrified. It looked like it was going to hurt: it has a gigantic, menacing spring coiled inside.

It didn’t hurt me. Bubs did one too. No pain. Huh. How about that?

Another surprise: the kachunker deposits a hard plastic nipple. So instead of connecting to the site with a slide-click, Cleo’s tubing’s clip encircles and then clamps onto the nipple. Cleo.

Touch screen

Now I hear Bubs on the phone, talking to a friend. My new pump has a *touch screen!* Very exciting.

Calendar Stars 2016

IMG_5989Jack gets a star for running, I get one for running, and then I get another one for remembering to drink water before I start drinking tea.

If you want to achieve something repetitive, I recommend calendar stars. This system has been in place for one day and works perfectly.


Happy new year!





  1. Bonni · January 2, 2016

    Katy! We got a new t-slim for T1#2 last week too, she starts saline in 6 days:)


  2. Polina · January 2, 2016

    Exciting! Good things come in small packages, right? Everyone I know who has Tslim loves it.


  3. Karen · January 2, 2016

    I ran today and I’m drinking water. I want two stars!!!!! (whine whine whine . . . . and also, now I want wine)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Reyna · January 2, 2016

    I love that u ku-chunked yourself! U r an amazing pancrent. Xo


  5. skchrisman · January 3, 2016

    Pip gets to switch in the fall and it’s also her choice! Will love to hear more as you go along. (Love eyelashes on air bubble’s eyes.)


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