Good Things XXII: Holiday


Gluten Free Options for Holiday-Themed Hypos:

All make blood glucose go up hard and fast. The Drizzlecorn is utterly diabolical. I will never buy it again until next Christmas.

Pancakes, Pancakes


This gluten free pancake mix has been a huge hit. The ingredients are normal things like brown rice, buttermilk, and hazelnut flour, and the package is cute in a Maine-Oregon way (the best way). It is not low carb, but it is not frankenfoods like a lot of GF mixes.

You can cut it with plain almond flour (and some extra baking powder and a dribble of apple cider vinegar) at a 1:2 ratio, i.e. 2x almond flour for 1x mix. No one will notice. I also added eggs. No one will notice. I made thinner batter by adding coconut milk and made crêpes. The people liked it. The beloved pouch was within the diners’  view, of course. Nutella may also have played a role.

For Christmas, Santa left seven sacks of this mix under the tree. He was afraid Target would stop carrying it, and is a bit of a hoarder.


chocolateWe liked this chocolate. I got it from Trader Joe’s.

nutrition chocolate

13 – 9 – 2 = 2g CHO per 1/4th bar.

Even the people who think they don’t like sugarless things liked this chocolate. As a bonus, it does not cause gummy bears-arrhea.

Chocolate Milk From Space

FullSizeRenderSpeaking of chocolate and frankenfoods, there’s this milk. I see it in stores only sporadically. Something weird has happened here. Science-magic (and Satan?) makes this milk low sugar and high in protein. So the chocolate frankenmilk has carbs = to normal, plain milk, but with more protein.

I don’t have a feeling of pride about buying the weird milk, but I do buy it and my kids love it and it seems easy on the glucose. So there’s that. Ideally, some day soon an admired person will casually mention buying this weird milk. Do you?


Otto’s cassava flour tortillas are soft and yummy like flour tortillas. Also they are easy to make–easier than pancakes. I included a picture of a dough ball in my hand so I would remember the right size.

I think Otto’s should be recommended to everyone with celiac, but with a carbs warning, but then like after the warning tell the person to just get some Otto’s cassava flour anyway. These tortillas can be used as tortillas or as bread or in place of English muffins or wherever naan would go.

When I looked up from the tortilla pan, I noticed my home looks a tortilla pan:

tortilla wall in house

Happy holidays!








  1. skchrisman · December 30, 2015

    Thank you for such a happy post. Looks like all good things. I too am a fan of polka dots. 🙂


  2. carmygee · January 4, 2016

    Thanks for the share. I’m definitely gonna try the Cassava Flour because Almond flour just isn’t quite right for tortillas. Pancake mix looks interesting too. Happy New Year!


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