Feeling the Bern with a Dexcom G5


Packets of DO NOT EAT from shoeboxes have been added to this.

It’s a LADA update!

So slowly and then so suddenly, the G5 came.

Bubs didn’t want to switch to G5 before his current sensor konks out.

Jack wanted to try it but he uses an Android kind of phone and we couldn’t find the app for that.

Joe’s blood glucose never varies.

So I put the G5 on me.

I’ve been eating this and that and watching what happens. Basically, the lesson is this: don’t eat a lot of carbs all at once. Also do not watch Republicans debate.






4 responses to “Feeling the Bern with a Dexcom G5

  1. hahahahahhaha! Ted Cruz LOW! I’ve decided to call the LADA the Lady Gaga.


  2. skchrisman

    Very curious as to the keeping of the “do not eat” moisture packs. Boxes thrown akimbo into the closet floor? Or preparedness for incident requiring rice? Darn Lady Gaga.

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