Rice Is Magic

Does rice ever…?


Today Bubs jumped into a pool, not realizing his Dexcom-containing Spibelt was clasped around his waist.

Soon after, I arrived home and Joe was in the middle of a phone call with Dexcom, about to order the tantalizing one-time low(er) cost replacement. Joe didn’t know we have an old receiver (no Share, no Pump Peelz) squirreled away in a bin with seventeen Verio chargers and my metallic gold SpiBelt.

I interrupted, and tried to whisper/hand gesture to Joe to stop ordering the replacement, since the G5 is about to arrive at any moment. (Last I’d heard, it was to arrive yesterday.)

Joe put me on the phone with the Dexcom man. I don’t think we need the replacement, since our G5 is about to come.

DEXCOM MAN: Yes, it is! And we are shipping them in the order in which the orders are received.

BIGFOOT: We’ve already placed an order; I think it was originally scheduled to come in October, but then I heard it was going to come December first, which is yesterday, so maybe it’s already in the mail!

DM: No, it’s not in the mail. We will be shipping them, we are hoping, through December.

BF: Oh, okay. Well, I have an old transmitter here that I think still works (sudden fear: am I never supposed to have more than one that works?), so we can just use that until the G5 comes, and then we won’t need a receiver at all because

DM: That’s the thing. Since it is durable medical equipment, the rules are that everyone who gets a G5 must have a receiver with Share.

BF: But if it goes right to the phone—

DM: Right. It’s an FDA rule. Because it is durable medical. Every user must have the receiver with Share, so we can update the software on that receiver to work with the G5. Your old receiver doesn’t have Share, so it can’t be updated and does not qualify.

BF: But we don’t really need the receiver to make the G5 transmitter work with the phone, right?

DM: Well, that’s a tricky question, because it is a requirement, because it is durable medical equipment, and what if, say, your son jumped into a pool with his phone in his pocket, and then if you didn’t have a receiver compatible with G5, he’d be (oh no!without any Dexcom at all.

BF: But then couldn’t we just order the one-time replacement on the day he jumps into a pool with his phone?

DM: That’s an interesting question…

BF: Do you kind of have to say that we have to have the receiver with Share in order to get the G5?

DM: (Something I took to mean yes)

BF: Could we just pretend my husband didn’t call you at all?

DM: I don’t know if I could do that.

BF: Could we wait and see if this Share receiver is really broken, or if he may have been mistaken about it going into the pool, and I’ll call back if it’s really broken?

DM: Yes.

BF: Will we lose our place in line for the G5 if I don’t order a new receiver right now?

DM: No, not at all.

BF: And when do you think the G5 will come? Can you see where we are on the list?

DM: I really can’t say; we are hoping to send them throughout December, so it could even be after Christmas, but we hope it will be before then.

BF: Okay…I’ll check to see if it’s really broken and I’ll call back if I need to order the replacement…

DM: Thank you and goodnight.


I hate to waste this awesome sticker. And the Pump Peelz. And the zillion dollar device.


Just in case the rice bath is not effective…Joe and Bubs and I agreed we’d carry on without Share until the G5 comes. Or to try to carry on. None of us thinks we will miss Share much, but if it turns out our lives are ruined, I guess we will order the replacement.


Buy more rice.





  1. Scott E · December 2, 2015

    Tell that Dexcom rep in Sunny San Diego that you were mistaken, and that there’s no way your son was swimming in New England in December. (Also, what happens if you have a non-Share device, and Dexcom has a warehouse full of those share cradles that were never sold? Can they send you one of those things at 99.9% off retail price to satisfy that DME rule?)

    Good luck resuscitating your Share receiver.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katy · December 2, 2015

      Oh my gosh, the CRADLES! Those came and went before I could even understand what it might mean to me. I’m sure they will turn up soon at a bazaar in Central Asia.


  2. Lucia Maya · December 2, 2015

    I love those kinds of conversations with the support people, where I say, well, maybe it was just a theoretical idea when I said ________…

    I still have the G4, which I’m grateful for, but still haven’t been able to upgrade to the newer software because they won’t make it for the Mac, which is my only computer. It’s not worth it to them now, since they’ve already moved on to newer and better things, but some of us still have devices all of a year a half old!

    I find it ironic that updating the software is their big concern for you, when I can’t update my software because they won’t make it available on my computer! I hope the rice works for you, and you get the new G5 soon- looking forward to hearing about it. The ones I know who have it love it so far…


  3. skchrisman · December 3, 2015

    Fingers crossed. OMyGoodness! I just heard a Zzzzt Zzzzt from Pip’s receiver on the stairs as I typed the word “crossed”. It is quite apparent our receiver is sending you good juju.


  4. Polina · December 3, 2015

    Yikes. Any updates?


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