Low While Eating


Mid Pad Thai.

If you’re out for Thai lunch and you’ve pre-bolused and while you’re in the middle of eating, “WONK! WONK! WONK! WONK!” says your child’s Dexcom [after having been blanked out for a time (but during the blank-out, the finger stick said hundred-something)] with its loud, four-syllable super-warning: 43 mg/dL.

Do we do something? Can Glucolift fight its way through eggy rice noodles? Glucagon? Is this something or is this nothing? 

I took a picture while I thought about a next step. I thought about the beaker of insulin he’d taken in preparation for the pad Thai. Then I had coconut rice sent over to the children’s table. Everything was okay.

That is the advice to my future self: this is nothing. Or: get a bowl of coconut rice. Or this: it is very rare to go low mid-meal, this is not a topic to address. Or: you could have thought to turn the basal down. Or: ?



3 responses to “Low While Eating

  1. Remember if belly has food in it that is fattty long acting, suck on Glucose tablets (or chew and keep in mouth) for quick sublingual absorption so they don’t get stuck in the belly with all that fatty goodness not making much of an impact! We did this just today! Glad it went your way! Pad Thai is yummy.

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  2. I just turn off bolus temporarily and keep eating. I have no idea what the right thing to do is. It’s such a rare thing.


  3. Or it’s just diabetes playing games again . . . . go with your instincts and do your best. (Which is exactly what you did. YAY!!!!)


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