Best Laid Plans

What (the hell) is for dinner? The people here seem to rely on me to know. Planning dinner well in advance is necessary. The only moment’s-notice gluten free takeout we have access to is Thai or grinders. Both are hard to nail with math, the Thai food I’m never 100% confident is GF, and the grinders have to be thought of and ordered before the gluten free grinder place closes (4PM).

My deal is asking on Saturday what the people would like to eat, grocery shopping to make their dreams come true on Sunday, and preparing as much food as possible in advance on Sunday and Monday. Most weeks fall apart after Wednesday. However, I am currently winning. I’m in my third week of planning plans that do not fall apart and want to remember how to do this.

FullSizeRenderWeek One worked because of everything being pre-made for Wednesday, the guys making dinner on Thursday, and the option of frozen pizza on Friday. Also in Week One Saturday never happened; I don’t remember why. Mujedra.


Week two worked because of making things in advance and pulling them out of the freezer. Also: Persephone’s Kitchen and the Mexican place near the ferry, and polenta from a tube.


Week Three, I’m pretty sure you’re going to work out OK because I will have been making things I don’t know how to make only on Sunday and Monday. Monday’s today. Yesterday’s Smothered Chicken was a hit, and perfect for Sunday because:

  • It is easy
  • It remains nice even if it waits for a long time in a low oven (175F)
  • It requires the buying of wine
  • It creates leftovers for lunch

The hasselback apples are fussily sliced baked apples slathered in sugar, butter, and cinnamon. Good for normies and normie moods.

Lessons from my successful meal planning stretch:

  • Always have avocados at different stages of ripeness, apples, and peanut butter
  • Keep a list of vegetables you already own so you don’t keep buying more
  • Shop, cook, and chop things in advance on Sunday and Monday, even little things like carrot sticks
  • Frozen pizza and a kale bar (<—link to my instructions for the OG genius’s kale bar)
  • Make the same things again and again but one or two new things each week (keep hope alive)
  • Brie with blackberry jam on pretzels is an excellent appetite suppressant

Here are things I want myself to do, vis-à-vis meal planning:



  1. Laddie · October 5, 2015

    As I’ve been asking ever since I’ve “known” you, what night can I come for dinner? I think we would be a healthier nation if everyone ate like your family. Unfortunately for you it is s big job to organize and prepare such delicious meals especially having to consider diabetes and gluten. Beautiful and colorful menu/shopping paper. Are we taking bets on how long you’ll be able to continue this?


  2. mollyjade · October 5, 2015

    I had a hard time reading through the rest of the post after I saw hasselback apples.

    I do a version of this for our meal planning.

    Except we just do it on Evernote now instead of using the fancy board. That way I can look at it from work or wherever else I am. Being able to shuffle through the cards helps with the fact that all meal ideas somehow disappear from my memory when it’s time to make the weekly menu.

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  3. Mary Margaret · October 5, 2015

    I’ve done this for years with varying degrees of success. What derails it varies by the week. Last week we got to Saturday night. What I thought was chuck roast was sirloin. No pot roast dinner.
    So I pulled all the vegetables and things that needed used up out of the fridge and tried to find something that would use them all. Ended up with a glorious kitchen sink Asian stir fry and a loaf of gf banana bread. No more spinach. Mushrooms,leeks, broccoli. Lots of room for the next days shopping. And happy family.


  4. Polina · October 5, 2015

    1. Please come and cook for us! (I also do meal planning but it’s nowhere near as exciting.)
    2. Alternatively I’d like to come over for dinner or not dinner.
    3. I am now hungry.


  5. Ally · October 5, 2015

    When’s Rhode Island #doc dinner night? #I’llBringTheBeerAndWine


  6. type1tot · October 6, 2015

    I’m crying. I never cry. I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean to have that effect. Just a day in the life. Maybe that’s why I’m crying. But you’re killing it.


  7. skchrisman · October 6, 2015

    Please tell more about hot bananas.


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