It’s a Date

Like sands through the hourglass.

Like sands through the hourglass.

Oops. Our blood ketone strips expired last September.

Just last week, I noticed that (all summer long) I’ve been enjoying string cheese from a warehouse club-sized package that expired in June.

A friend told me that in the back of her fridge she’d found a stalk of lemongrass that she believed was three years old. And it looked like it still had potential.

Back to the ketone strips: we almost never test for ketones. The last time I tested for ketones I’m pretty sure was in 2012. I know the school nurse checks whenever Bubs is over 250 mg/dL. We don’t follow that honor code at home.

But today Bubs was high after an afternoon of swimming. Weird. That’s never happened before. High and double arrows up. I attributed this to he must have been out of his pump for too long and/or had weird snacks. He entered a correction. An hour later he was almost 400 with double-ups. I checked the site and everything looked perfect. On closer inspection, I saw it: the King Neptune trident-looking bit had not been clipped in all the way. Fern. I need to test for ketones! That’s when I discovered we had only the expired blood ketone strips and a plastic bottle of the pee ones that had been opened last fall.

The jig will be up if Bubs starts puking and I contact the doctor on call and she asks me if he has ketones. That would be embarrassing. Also dangerous to Bubs’s health. And embarrassing. 

The pharmacy is currently closed, says the CVS phone robot. I will get refills tomorrow.


24 responses to “It’s a Date

  1. The timing is ironic — just yesterday afternoon after swimming, my BG was soaring up to the 300s (which it rarely does) for no logical reason. I did a pee-stick ketone test and realized my strips were also about a year expired. But I tried anyway, and couldn’t tell if the thing was purple or not. I changed the site just in case, because…why not?

    Come to think of it, I probably have a free sample of blood ketone strips somewere. I’ve never used it. Never could really find a good enough reason. They’re like old bottles of fine wine — I save them for a very special/worthy occasion, which turns out to be never. I should have used it. Considering I probably won’t get out to get a new bottle of pee-sticks for another 3 months, it’s good to know I have those other ones lying around. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. 24 hour CVS in East Providence! or is this not a big deal! xo

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  3. During some recent cycling mishap madness, I found a lone ketone pee stick in my suitcase pocket (I was VERY, VERY proud when I found it. There’s a whole world of weird in that pocket). It expired, not recently. It worked though (well, I peed on it and I was sick and it turned colors). I was now just given a ketone testing meter. It seems alien to me.

    I tossed 2 packages of yogurt last week because they expired in May. There’s been worse in that fridge. There may be now, I stopped looking.


  4. Just refilled my Rx for the blood ketone strips. If you need some to hold you over, let me know. Sometimes it takes awhile for my pharmacy here to get them. I once asked, “So no one in RI checks for ketones?” and the pharmacist replied with a blank stare. Woo!


  5. lifeont1

    I asked for these at my pharmacy before and the pharmacy student looked at me and very slowly said

    “Ketones come out of your PEE. Sugar is checked in your BLOOD.”

    There’s a pack of expired tofu in the back of the fridge that T and I are playing the “who’s bold enough to take it out put it in the green bin and wash the wrapper for the recycling” game.

    I am convinced aged tofu will turn in to this incredible cheese and maybe I will make millions off of it.

    Like the guy who invented cheddaring.

    Or tacos.

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  6. Hope Bubs is OK and didn’t start puking or anything. We drive a few extra miles out of the way to have all of our Rx at the 24 hr pharmacy because we can’t consistently get our shit together to refill things on time.
    Our insurance does not cover blood ketone strips, we just pay cash and buy them online. Which reminds me, the pee sticks V used to have at the nurse’s office are totally expired, so I should really get my act together soon and order new strips as well as remember to pack a meter for school.

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  7. Mary Margaret

    I just changed the date on the meter and kept using the outdated strips. Is that bad to admit? Don’t care.
    Mostly I check T for ketones when I smell them on his breath. Three times in 7 years. Once involved marshmallows, it wasn’t a good camping trip.


  8. I’m guilty of using expired blood ketone strips… That expired a year ago. They still seem to work. If I’m worried I ha e some non-expired ones to check against.

    I’ve also used expired test strips. And eaten expired yogurt. Put expired milk on my cereal. My toothpaste is expired too. It’s mostly just a suggestion to me.

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  9. skchrisman

    This post convinces me that we are not normal. I’ll go off into my sad little ketones-come-too-often-for-next-to-no-reason corner now.

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    • Maybe because you’re bothering to look for them more than 1x/2 years.


      • skchrisman

        For a kid who spills ketones, during healthy BGs and no discernable symptoms, and who has very little fat to lose I instantly remember “Fat from the brain! Fat is melting from her brain!” She’s a mystery. I think they need to add an F to that YDMV thing. 🙂 Our answer is to check. We all have our things.


    • I hope you know I meant checking more than once in two years as a compliment!


      • skchrisman

        Oh, of course! I loathe ketones! I am FINALLY seeing fat on my kid and she’s sick with a wet cough (school starts tomorrow). We do spot checks whenever I think somethings “off” and I often catch it. What’s ironic is we never check when she’s just got a BG over 240. Carby teenager.


      • skchrisman

        I JINXED MY KID! “Large Marge” ketones, low grade fever, nausea, BG steady at 100. Never made it to the first class on her first day of school. Negative ketones in the nurse’s office at 7:30am! See what I mean??????? Gah!!!!!! Diabetes you will not win today.


  10. Not expired! Change date on the meter. Works again. Try!

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  11. Where do you get individually wrapped ketone (pee) strips? I bought them once at Kroger (grocery store) and asked this year and they didn’t have them. Like your pharmacy, no idea what I’m talking about! I think the individually wrapped ones are much more discreet. 🙂


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