Breathlessly Enthusiastic at the Gluten Free Expo

We came home with all of this PLUS a foam finger.

We came home with all of this PLUS a foam finger.

Bubs and I went to the Gluten Free Expo today. I recommend this event for anyone who finds gluten free foods necessary and/or entertaining. These are the ten twelve best things from the Expo.

They're like digestive biscuits.

Nairn’s oatcakes: YUM. Nairn’s is Scottish. The cookies come in a box of little 4-packs. Where can we buy them? The salesman was not selling them. He said to find them on Amazon, and that they’ll be in stores in the US soon. PIP-PIP.

The background fabric is the cute tote. It's quinoa hearts. Awww.

I Heart Keenwah snacks: I bought the quinoa clusters. Ravi handed me my purchase in a cute tote. These will be perfect when someone doesn’t want to eat an entire Kind bar but needs some kind of semi-substantial nibble of something mildly nutritious but mostly like candy. Sold here. NOM. support group

Boston Children’s Hospital Celiac Newsletter: This newsletter is filled with things to know like where to eat on the Cape, reportage from kids re their feelings, and support groups we could attend. I always think of celiac as a subsidiary to diabetes. My eyes are opened: it’s its own whole beast. It’s not just a tacked-on thing. There’s a whole community of…I don’t know why this has never occurred to me. That there are kids who have just celiac and not also diabetes, this is their whole pain in the butt disease, and they have a camp and everything. I mean I guess I knew it but. I liked them on Facebook already. MY HEART. flatourFlatout wraps: I am happy these exist in a GF version! The reps were giving out entire packages as free samples. Before celiac, I used to use Flatouts as a pizza crust. Each piece has 26g CHO and is a good size for a personal pizza, about a 9″ oval. BOOM!


It’s a picture of coupons.

American Flatbread pizza: The samples of YUM thin crust pizza YUM were so so so good. I hope the Whole Foodses near me will start carrying this soon. Thin, crisp, YUM. I have been hoping/dreaming that this brand would have a GF version and now it does. DREAMY. buddha

Buddha Bowl popcorn: Finding/making gluten free popcorn is no problem, but we really liked this popcorn. It’s cooked in coconut oil and that tastes great. The packaging is super cute and they were generous with the free samples. SCORE. pascha

Pascha chocolate: I haven’t had trouble finding gluten free chocolate, but I bought these chocolate bars up to show off/share with a friend whose family can eat hardly any foods. I think they will be able to eat Pascha and it is REALLY REALLY delicious. Even I liked the 85% one, and I’m usually a big baby about anything over 70%. BEHOLD.

cheeriosCheerios t-shirt: I’m not that psyched for gluten free Cheerios (just for grinchy BG reasons*), but I like the T-shirt. Bubs won it by spinning a roulette wheel. When I spun the wheel, I won a magnet. (*Cheerios with Silk Nog used to be my favorite holiday snack.) THANKS. ottos cassava

Otto’s Cassava flour: The Otto’s people were making fresh tortillas. These were so delicious that, after making sure the tortilla recipe was printed right on it, I bought the $18/2 lb. bag of cassava flour. I hope “cassava” is not just a paleo term for tapioca. CASSAVA! downeast cider

Downeast hard cider: I already knew I love the original version of this hard cider. Being able to taste the pumpkin and cranberry varieties made me appreciate it even more. I love the plain one. I do so love pumpkin spice everything except for the pumpkin alcohols. HIC.

FullSizeRenderDaura Damm beer: This is not gluten free beer, the reps will tell you this proudly, and explain that it is made from wheat, and this is why their beer does not taste like shit. But it is somehow less than three parts gluten specks per million specks, and you know the cut-off for gluten free is twenty pp. I thought it was really good and crisp. I would drink it without pity. I guess a person aiming for zero ppm would not want to drink this. I don’t know if people with that goal exist. There are probably 3 ppm just in the air, right? GLUG.

justinsJustin’s Nut Butter snack packs: These came in our expo goodie bags. Each pack has one serving of GF pretzel sticks to dip into a glob of Justin’s. I love that this exists for a shove in the d-bag snack and I love it even more that we got a bunch of packs for free. (As well as buy one get one coupons which I will for sure use at Target, where these are newly available!) OVEREXCITED!

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.

Beyond the things, the VERY best thing was spotting Bubs in the exhibit hall, roaming around, eating samples without having to ask a bunch of questions. This is probably kind of weird, and I doubt if he would agree, but I think this might have been the happiest I have seen him for a while. At least in terms of situations involving food. I mean, he wasn’t exuberant, but he was just so…pleased. It was like a low key carnival.


15 responses to “Breathlessly Enthusiastic at the Gluten Free Expo

  1. This is wonderful! I imagine he felt a sense of freedom that just is really difficult to reach in regular situations. No one in my house has Celiac, we’ve all been tested, but our sensitivity is super clear and we avoid grains as much as possible. I’ll have to check out this event next time around!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’d love to hear what you think—I know you’re very selective about your foods. (In terms of junk foods, especially, I mean. And these conventions have a LOT of junk foods!)


  2. lifeont1

    Buddha bowl popcorn is always in my cupboard. I love making my own popcorn on the stove and have even tried making it in coconut oil, but nothing tops Buddha bowl.

    I have some major Justin’s snack envy. I am already out of my nut butter packs and I am so sad 😦

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  3. Love this. Hate Celiac. Don’t mind being GF. But hate Celiac. Hey, guess what, Coors has a gluten free beer. There’s this expensive grocery store in Seattle (more expensive than WF), and they let people buy just a bottle of beer out of their over-priced 6 packs, so I did a taste test of all fancy GF beers and Coors GF beer. Coors one. Just sharing.
    I’m waiting for the whole world to be GF. Will be long time. New earth-like planet is surely GF.


  4. Lauren

    I was there too! I had so much fun – and I was sooooooo full afterwards 🙂


  5. So excited to try! And YAY on the Bubs front.

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  6. The only shirt I got at the Gluten Free Expo in Phoenix says “beans for breakfast” on it. You win.


  7. skchrisman

    Neat-oh post! Oohs and aahs. Now to go see if this expo will be coming to a city near me! I wish I may, I wish I might. I love the comfort Bubs felt. That would have made my heart sing if I were his mum.


  8. Cassava is kind of like a potato, we had it in Uganda. (But I’m sure you could’ve looked that up.) It would be great to eat anything at an expo, I’m sure that was a great experience for Bubs. I too have trouble separating diabetes and celiac (though we don’t have it, I worry about it). 🙂


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