The Not-So-Frantic Prelude: MasterLab + FFL 2015

If this is how you feel when you get takeout, you might need to consult a professional.

On Thursday I was picking up takeout at a busy Thai restaurant. The counter was lined with identical-looking THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU bags. I was struggling to verify that ours was gluten free while conveying—oh, but of course—I could completely (it’s crystal clear!) understand what the cashier was saying while really I couldn’t tell if she was speaking to me in English or to her colleague in Thai. Beside the cash register was a bookkeeper’s spike for impaling paid order tickets. I had a quick daydream about shrinking down to dollhouse size and Nestea plunging onto it.

That’s one reason why this year at FFL, I’m planning to go heavy on the Dr. Jill.

I am so lucky. Thanks to the generosity of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, I am packing a bag for MasterLab and Friends for Life. I am very grateful.

This will be my first MasterLab and my fourth FFL, but the first without my family. I’ll be attending as a stand-alone human being, not an accessory to everyone else’s everything. Unbelievable but true: my handbag will contain only my things & I’ll be roommates with a hot young di-lebrity. This set up ensures an A+ convention center adventure.

My understanding is that MasterLab is serious, network-y, and FDA/government-y, and formal but with fun people running it so you can wear normal summer clothes. My plan is to go in on Tuesday morning as my current self and exit on Wednesday as someone who knows how to do things. I’ve already committed the hashtag to memory: #MasterLab. I am ready.

Speaking of being ready, it had been a while, but I checked my fasting blood glucose this morning. The last time I looked it was in the low 100’s, not optimal for someone trying to feel legit. As if straightening its collar for MasterLab, this morning’s was 129 mg/dL. I double checked: 130 mg/dL. Phew! Thanks, crappy islets!



  1. Bonni · July 5, 2015

    Katy, I’m jealous. I want to go alone with you!! And learn everything to be legit! Reid our youngest was just diagnosed last Saturday a week ago! We re in total shock but starting at square one again after four years ago with Riley. I need to be at FFL right now. Next year all four of us, I’m sure. Have a great trip and experience!


    • Katy · July 5, 2015

      Unbelievable. Wow. Are you writing?

      I’m going to go look.


      • Anonymous · July 6, 2015

        Not writing at all for last two years. But still reading:) looking forward to your posts on FFL!


  2. Anonymous · July 5, 2015



  3. dolores · July 5, 2015

    we are downsizing this year too … just me and 2 out of 3 boys … my big plan is too spend more time at pool and less time in conference center


  4. StephenS · July 6, 2015

    Katy, enjoy the moment! It will be a lot, but it will ALL be worth it. I am SO GLAD you’re going to be there. Sorry I forgot to ask last week.


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