What Share Means to Me

85 mg/dL. See ya.

85 mg/dL. See ya. Here is juice. Here is a dog.

Today Dexcom Share changed my life.

An inconvenient hypo had delayed the dog’s afternoon walk. This walk was to have been the final prelude to the playing of a video game. This game can be played for one hour after 5pm if all daily necessities are taken care of, and one of those necessities = the dog’s afternoon walk.

Hypo—>Smarties—> perfunctory dog walk together, concurrent w. hypo recovery. It’s not medical advice.

Here is where Share came in.

Once BG > 85 mg/dL, I felt safe or at least not negligent leaving the house to go to CVS to pick up drugs and shampoo.


Mother, may I? Yes, you may.

After I’d paid for our items at CVS, Share revealed things were on the up & up, so I felt fine going to Shaw’s to buy blueberries.

IMG_3540I checked Share again when the cashier at Shaw’s explained each customer is limited to two pints of blueberries/day, but if I’d be willing to have my six pints rung up over three separate transactions, she would permit me to buy six. Um, seriously? Share revealed it would be acceptable for me to participate in the prolonged cash register activity required to buy blueberries. Yusss.

Share said buy as much beer as you want.

Share said buy as much beer as you want.

I consulted Share again after bagging my berries. Share graciously granted permission for a trip to the liquor store to buy beer for my brother-in-law.

I'm pretty sure I only want the grapefruit ones.

Pour some out for your dead homeys, but save the grapefruit ones for me.

And because of Share, I knew I could take my time ogling all of the beer, and this lead to prolonged freezer-gazing and the discovery of a new gluten free item called spiked seltzer, 5g CHO/12 ounce can. I don’t even care if it tastes good, I just like that it exists.

I arrived home with beer, spiked seltzer, six pints of blueberries, life-sustaining drugs, shampoo, and a distinct lack of guilt or fear. Thank you, Share.11713582_10155918170925438_1637694188_n

Meanwhile, we had Summer 2015’s first beach day. Share means nothing to me at the beach! Who straps an iPhone to a kid at the beach and/or anticipates aquatic transmitter function?

For our first beach day, I conjured up the lessons of 2011, ’12, ’13, and ’14. For example, I brought a can of compressed air and put an ice pack, wrapped in a towel, in the D-bag. I tried to enact low prevention by refraining from the treatment of a sustained, moderate high (200-ish) before swimming. This was unlike me and smart.

After the first round of swimming, my person was down to 97 mg/dL. All afternoon munch, munch, munch: 22g Kind bar and 14g of popcorn and 12g of juice and 9g for cookies and BG’s like 65, 85, 140, 75. There was only occasional plugging into the pump and zero bolusing. The loads of carbs and lack of insulin didn’t catch up to us until about midnight.

What’s that about? I thought an afternoon in the ocean would cause delayed lows because the liver…sucking up all of the glucose to refill the stockpile…and…the lack of insulin with loads of carbs would cause immediate highs because the carbs are so fast and the insulin was so…not there. Every time I think I have a working metaphor for OCEAN + INSULIN + MOLECULES + YOUR FRIEND THE LIVER, it turns out to all wrong.

I still love the beach.


One comment

  1. g · July 1, 2015

    who are all the tiny new beach campers!?


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