N’exagère pas

did you eat anythingno, i'm diabeticImpatient media consumers skip to the juicy parts. Like the sex scenes in Judy Blume’s Forever or the diabetes scenes in the film described below. Joe stumbled into it in his Netflix streaming recommendations. On our Netflix it is called Say Ahh…but on IMDB it is called Miss and the Doctors. This French romantic comedy features a girl with Type 1 diabetes and two doctors (brothers) who make a house call (at about minute 8 in the film) when she is home alone with hypoglycemia. hypo They prescribe a banana and sugar lumps. comaOne brother comes back to give the girl’s beautiful single mom a dramatic hard time for leaving the girl alone. inside out At minute 34 he goes to see the girl again, and finds her eating a chocolate biscuit. He looks at what I think must be a record of her BG. I think he suspects she’s faking the numbers. He snoops around in the kitchen. Around minute 53, the mother and the brother are in the ER lobby. They discuss changing the girl’s insulin regimen to include a pump. pump bubble_teaAt minute 1:04, the girl gets bubble tea from a boy she recognizes from the doctors’ office. She doesn’t bolus for the drink. She must still be on NPH. I have no idea what happens in the story. I only watched it for the diabetes. The title for my post comes from the mother’s reply to the doctor who warns of the potential for a diabetic coma. and_you_re_diabetic_



  1. type1tot · June 10, 2015

    Shelby! SHELBY!!!!!


  2. skchrisman · June 10, 2015

    doctor brothers you say?


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