1942 was Bananas

Untitled_bMrs. Gottlieb needs bananas, STAT. She’s frantically roaming the streets of Brooklyn in search of the elusive fruit. The police eventually come to her aid, and are able to scrounge up twenty-four ripe ones.

Can you imagine? It’s 1942 and there’s a wartime banana shortage. Bananas are the only thing keeping your baby alive. You suspect your neighbors may be storing a few. Your baby will die without them, because she has celiac disease and duh, everyone knows, the only thing you can do for that is molto bananas.

The neighbors are all, no, no we don’t have a single banana in the house. But you kind of know they do. You return with the police. (Guns drawn?) This is my post-apocalyptic insulin nightmare (I detect the fragrance of bandaids on you, Neighbor. LET ME IN.), but with bananas.

These are all from articles from 1942 editions of The New York Times. (Subscribers can search all the news that has been seen fit to print since 1851. It is F-U-N.)




To celebrate Mrs. Gottlieb, baby Helena, and the tirelessly banana-seeking Brooklyn police, I’ll be making the banana soft-serv today. I wish I could give that worried terrified Mrs. Gottlieb a heaping dish of it to calm her nerves. Your banana portions are so bountiful, she’d say, in awe of me. Also she’d be so amazed by civilization’s new Cuisinarts. Shhh, shhh Helena. Eat your banana. I want our guest to tell me more about her koozinart. The pictures in this link are fantastic and a great reminder that you’re doing banana soft-serv perfectly.

I find whirring in a giant glob of almond or peanut butter makes this dessert less of a BG shitshow, and also more delicious.

More on bananas and 1940s celiac disease here.


8 responses to “1942 was Bananas

  1. I love looking at things like this! Party for history, and partly for words such as “hitherto”.

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  2. I find this true to my experience as well for the first year or so. I can’t eat anything I used to eat…. What will I have for dinner? ….bananas again!!

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  3. Definitely a learning experience for me. I’ll never take bananas for granted again…


  4. I find this fascinating! (the banana diet, not the insulinapocalypse). It just goes to show that we always need to keep an open mind towards change. One day, we may learn that insulin injections are archaic and ludicrous, and all we really need is a healthy diet of cinnamon or something. (Or not).

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  5. skchrisman

    If only I could get my kid to like banana, I’d then have the opportunity to avoid the BG shitshow. This is gonna be a Momma treat. YUM.


  6. I always knew about the banana diet, but I’ve never seen newspaper articles! This is so cool! Thank you for sharing!! 🙂


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