A Few Things I’d Like to Stop Feeling Bad About

Zero further ado. Confessions list:


I heard the bloop of Joe texting B’s phone before I noticed any Dexcom action of my own, so I guess in that way Share is working its magic on me.

Dexcom Share. I barely use it. I only look when it is convenient for me, usually when we’re all already home in the same room and I just don’t feel like hunting down the receiver.

Insulin without testing. Even at night. Especially at night. Because I can beep-boop an insulin dose into a pump with just the reptile part of my brain. If I do all of the things: flip open the canister, get a strip in the slot in the wrong direction and then the right direction, untangle a finger from a duvet/dog, poke it, squeeze it, wait for the (brightly lit) countdown to conclude, by the end of the series my human brain has been activated and then I’m really awake. So at 2AM today when zzzt! zzzt! (201 mg/dL), I got out of bed and dosed enough insulin to drop a person 100 points. I know! Not even a conservative correction! (Reptile math.) To my credit, the arrow was diagonally up. And in my defense, the sensors are so accurate that it just seems kind of…I mean that biopancky algorithm does it, so…is this at all okay?

A cold frosty one.

A cold frosty one.

Diet Coke.  I fell off the wagon, and just in time for the cans with the names. I loaded some into our fridge; right away I got Sweetie, Mom, and BFF. So that’s okay, right?

I guess I'm expecting it to be more like this, but no microphone.

I guess I’m expecting it to be more like this.

Longing for Amy Schumer. Bubs’s endo resembles Amy Schumer. It is eerie. She is every bit as adorable as AS, but is not sarcastic or funny. However, I often think the endo is being coy because she looks so much like AS. At our last appointment, the endo told me the most ecologically sound way to deal with dog doo is to flick it into the woods with a stick instead of picking it up as trash. Because of her AS smile, I thought she was being sarcastic, and did a sort of “Yeah right,” chortle face in response. She though I was being an idiot, sealing up doggie doo into a slowly biodegrading bag. Milk, milk, lemonade. This could be why I am always disappointed by the endo’s commentary on my technical d-skills. I expect the appointment to be like Amy S. interviewing drunk girls on the street, making them feel all empowered. But instead it’s just like being at a doctor’s office.



  1. type1dmom · May 6, 2015

    1. Semi-guilty. I do use the share more than you, but it’s because I use the pebble and just glance at it occasionally. I have learned to mostly not react to the readings if we are not together unless she’s really low, or low for a long time and I figure she didn’t hear it alarming.

    2. Totally guilty. Especially at night. Gary Scheiner even says it’s okay to bolus off the Dexcom, so I figure it’s okay. Especially at night.

    3. I like the name-y coke products, but no way am I going to SHARE my diet coke with ANYONE.

    4. That’s hilarious. Only not.


  2. Larry Here · May 6, 2015

    Do. Not. Get. Me. Started. On the dogshit, er, POOP, thing. Here in Missoula, we r inundated with tons of little poopfilled doggie bags on every trail. Ridiculous. Drives me, and a LOT of other folks crazy! Just wrong and silly. If Banting (or whatever your pup’s name is) drops one on the trail, just flick it away. Even better, train the little DogTor to take 5 steps off the trail before pinching.

    Wow. I can’t believe I ranted about turds here. I am only slightly embarrassed by my rant. But still… the bags. Don’t do it.

    I need some more coffee.


    • Katy · May 6, 2015

      I thought the forest dog poops were somehow bad for the naturally occurring wildlife, and that IDEALLY we would scoop it up and flush it down the toilet. But I just put them in the trash to live on into forever. Why would people PUT IT IN A BAG and then LEAVE IT? Every once in a while I do that if I am running, but then I pick it up on my return trip. WTF Montana?

      But I do wish to acknowledge that I know I am gross.


      • Larry Here · May 6, 2015

        Yeah, the leaving it thing is the worst. I have bags with me if i need ’em, but, I’m sure not leaving’ em laying around. We do what we please here in Big Sky Country. And then we complain about what everybody else is doing. Heh.

        And, basically, I have a sense that toilets are bad for the naturally occurring wildlife.

        Oh, and we bolus off Dex all the time. Maybe 80% success rate. I’ll take that.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Katy · May 6, 2015

        Good point on the toilet and YAY!


  3. Scott E · May 6, 2015

    Don’t feel bad about the Amy Schumer thing. *I* feel bad about it… I had no idea who she was, and just assumed she was the New York Senator’s wife or daughter until I Googled the name.

    Dexcom Share? I don’t use it either. I mean… I don’t use the Share part of it. And even after my Verizon contract is up for renewal in October and I get an iThing, I probably still won’t share. There’s such a thing as technology for the sake of technology, and if you don’t see a benefit, you’re not obligated to use it.

    Rules exist because you can’t teach intuition. Over time, you learn when it’s OK to bolus based on a Dexcom reading, just as you learn when it’s OK to drive with one hand at 8:00 and the other on a Dunkin’ Donuts cup. It’s an acquired skill, and not one to be shamed.

    Roger Rabbit’s most successful commercial endorsement was for Diet Coke. That makes it OK.


  4. Laddie · May 6, 2015

    I dose off my Dexcom all of the time.. So glad I don’t have to think about doing it for my kids or grandkids. I justify it with a history of horrendous readings from traditional BG meters. I haven’t upgraded to Share because I don’t want to share my info. But for parents it is a super option. But it is OK to be a parent who chooses not to watch. At some point I think that all kids will eventually be creeped out by parents who watch their BG 24/7.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ally · May 6, 2015

    You had me at Amy Schumer and dog poop discussion at the endo’s office, just sayin’.


  6. type1tot · May 7, 2015

    Just consider your late night bolusing as conscious protein chasing. I don’t know about your kid, but mine will spike 5-7 hrs after a big ribeye or piece of salmon. yum. I wish that were happening right now. Anyhow, dual wave won’t take care of it because it’s not a constant rise but a – whoah!wtf! rise 5 hrs later. So, dose away. Call it delayed dual wave.


  7. Karen Joseph · May 7, 2015

    Wow, I wish my son’s Dexcom were so accurate that I could bolus off of it. It is better but it’s never been that accurate. If my son has been 180 for several hours, I know it’s wrong. He’s usually 230. And sometimes when it says 250, he’s actually 350. Crazy!

    Those middle of the night checks stink. Especially when you wonder if the new Omnipod is working right because he climbed 100 points after giving a 1.2 unit correction at 11pm, and there’s no way you’re changing it in the middle of the night, so you grab the insulin pen but the cartridge hasn’t been changed in over a month, so you change it in the middle of the night and give 3 units and then — what do you know — it seems that the pump is working by morning. Oh Coffee, how I love you so…

    Anyway, don’t feel bad! Whatever works — works!


    • Katy · May 7, 2015

      Wellll, for a correction for something in the 300’s, I bet I’d pull my act together & test.

      I hear you on the expired pen cartridges. A rare treat.

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  8. skchrisman · May 12, 2015

    We are getting the Share! Dexcom Share for her is more about packing away the receiver and looking like a normal 15yo teenager holding a cell phone, and less about parents checking numbers all day. I’m keen on watching Bs transformation to the teen years.

    Did it hurt when you fell off the wagon? 🙂 Is it horrible of me to tell you it makes me feel more human in my inability to get ON the wagon?


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