We Bought Some New Foods

Three foods we tried:

Dark, dark with almonds, milk, milk with almonds.

Dark, dark with almonds, milk, milk with almonds.

I purchased these no sugar added Lily’s chocolate bars down at the Stop and Shop. I was pretty sure this would be a mistake of the diarrhea variety, but they were on sale. I was powerless in the face of a low carb GF bargain that was all FAIR TRADE and aimed at my demographic. These bars are 6g net CHO per entire thing. (One bar could be dessert for a family of four.) And they taste GREAT to Bubs, Jack, and me (Joe only liked the dark variety) and no one got a crummy tummy. Stevia and erythritol are involved. Is that OK?


More chocolate.

Bubs and I made these cookies from a mix. I’m kind of meh about full-carb GF baking (just because it seems so much worse for everyone than full-carb normal baking), but everyone else liked these whole-heartedly. We used the mix to make 40 cookies (10g CHO/cookie). And then, because I was trying so hard to not be a buzzkill, we used the cookies to make coffee ice cream sandwiches (about 30g CHO per sandwich). That was 20 ice cream sandwiches, or an entire week of muffled freezer-yodeling, There are still seventeen of me left, yo-hoo! Come and get me, yo-hoo! My note to self regarding this mix is: do not buy again unless assigned to bring dessert to a pot luck pool party.


It’s one of those glam mixes where you just stir in oil and egg.


Snowy say relax.

Finally this. At first bite I was all Bleh! Sour! And then Bleh! Texture! But once my expectations re congealed foods had been adjusted, I liked it. 3g net CHO per half cup. But zero g protein. Its point in terms of what it does to you on a molecular level is a mystery, but it is yum. And good for vegans. Also I really like things with a hidden coconut twang. It tastes so good with bananas. 1/4th of a banana and 1/2 cup of this and a handful of almonds = breakfast under 15g CHO.

You can get some great drawer dividers at the Container Store, and then just pour a ton of Luna Bars over them.

You can get some great drawer dividers at the Container Store, and then just pour a ton of Luna Bars over them.

FINALLY finally, how cheerful that Luna bars are now gluten free. I put one in a person’s lunch box &/or lacrosse glove almost daily. That is one convenient quasi candy bar. And I try to get the really gluten-y seeming flavors like s’mores or pretzel or brownie, but everyone seems to like the lemon one best.



  1. Laddie · April 26, 2015

    I’m looking forward to trying a Lily’s chocolate bar and it looks as though a couple of nearby grocery stores have them. Sometimes I crave chocolate so much that it hurts! Maybe these will hit the spot and thanks for the info.


  2. type1tot · April 28, 2015

    Yes, thanks, Luna! I’ll feel really bad if I find out down the road that my son shouldn’t have soy either. Trying not to think about it. Thanks for interesting cultured coconut milk review. Was already GF and am now trying DF for myself per naturopath’s advice (god, they need some new lines) and am missing lusciousness. Dippiness. Anything creamy. Please.


  3. skchrisman · April 29, 2015

    Do you prefer Luna over Kind because of carb content? (I don’t do them because Soy.) But wondering for kiddo because of taste and carbs. Kiddo gaga over Kind Grain and Kind Bar. But she is not as low carb centric as maybe should be. Maybe give Luna another try, but curious your thoughts.


    • Katy · June 3, 2015

      OMG no. Lunas are carb city. 24g, I think.


  4. mollyjade · April 30, 2015

    I am heartbroken that Whole Soy has gone out of business. No more unsweetened plain 5 g net carbs and 10 g protein per cup yogurt.


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