Let’s Dance

Out of the blue you are interested in attending the monthly school dance? I guess that's a good thing. You reconsider, thinking maybe you would rather stay home. No. You want to go. You are sure. Huh. How about that.

Quite suddenly, the boy is interested in attending the monthly school dance? I guess that’s a good thing. At least, he’s pretty sure he wants to go. Yes. He wants to go. He’s sure. Huh. How about that.

Half an hour before the dance, your parents fill you up with grease so that you won't want to eat at the dance.

Half an hour before the event, the parents plan to fill him up with cheeseburgers so that he won’t want to eat at the dance, where the advertised snacks are homemade cupcakes and packets of pretzels.


Waiting for burgers, he’s 53 mg/dL. He has Glucolift.

Your phone dies. Your parents are counting on that Share App. All casual-like, your mother stands by an outlet that is between a table for two truckers and a ketchup smeared trash bin.

The boy’s phone dies. The parents are counting on that Share App. All casual-like, the mother stands by an outlet between a table for two truckers and a ketchup smeared trash bin. Hello, gentlemen.


No bun.

The carbs hiding in the grease of these fries will leap into action in a few hours.

The carbs hiding behind the grease of these fries will leap into action in a few hours. For added security the parents give a very cautious bolus, calling this 15g CHO.

Your parents drop you off in the fog.

The parents drop the boy off in the fog with his buddy and about a thousand other kids.

Your parents run errands in between checking Share. Your mother is sure she can piece together how much fun you are having from the number on the screen.

The parents run errands in between looking over each other’s shoulder at Share. The mother is sure she can piece together how much fun the boy is having from the points plotted on the graph.


She thinks, “Those french fries will start kicking in at any moment. He is having the time of his life.”


Totally. Time of life. Quelle bolus!

The parents think, "Should we text him?" They decide no. They should not. They should give  a person some space for 45 more minutes.

The parents think, “Should we text him?” They decide no. They should not. They should give a person some space for 45 more minutes.

The mother thinks this is not her *favorite* number to see right now, but the event is almost over and it's not like it has a down arrow or anything.

The mother thinks this is not her *favorite* number right now, but the event is almost over and it’s not like it has a down arrow or anything. Also doesn’t it look like a tiny curl up since two dots ago?

The father is picking up the boy. The mother is thinking, well this is all ok because soon he'll be home. The mother thinks "I should text him to get him to eat Glucolift." and "I should give him space, he has probably already had Glucolift" right on top of that.

The father is picking the boy up. The mother is at home, looking at this. She thinks, “I should text him to nudge him to eat Glucolift while he waits for Joe to get to the head of the pick up line,” and simultaneously thinks, “I should give him space; he has probably already been Glucolifted and texting would be app abuse.”

She thinks, "And now he's home and he's on the way up and I bet he handled it all perfectly and he's telling us about Air Hockey and candy and a Rock Wall and how he won malt balls and gave them away because the contain gluten and he won a Snickers bar and took insulin and it was so much fun and the mother thinks let's give him a snack and ourselves an A+ for not texting.

The mother thinks, “And now he’s on the way up and I bet he did have that Glucolift after all, just like I thought and here he is, he’s home! He’s telling us about Air Hockey and a rock wall and it was so much fun.” And the mother thinks, “Let’s give him a snack and ourselves an A+ for not texting and then let’s go to bed.”

Everyone snug in bed. Bigfoot/Joe Blue Jasmine.

11pm: Zzzt Zzzt Zzzt! LOW UNDER 80. Arrow down. Joe stumble out of bed for BG test.

JOE: He’s thirty-six. He’s never been this low.

(Bigfoot hide under covers, say to self think-think-think.)

JOE: Juice. I’ll get the juice.



BFOOT: Do you feel okay? You’re really low.

BUBS: I need food. I need a banana—two bananas. Can I have rice cakes with peanut butter? Two rice cakes with–no–THREE. And a glass of milk. I am so hungry. I need food.

BF: I’m sorry honey, you can’t eat that stuff until we make sure your blood sugar is coming up from the juice.

BUBS: NO but I need to EAT! I am so, so, so, so, so hungry.

JOE: I’ll go make the snack and maybe he’ll be up by the time it’s ready.

DEXCOM: (rude blaring nyurrr nyurrr nyurrr noise.) 45 mg/dL down arrow.

BF: Could you sit on my lap on the big chair while we wait for the snack?

BUBS: No. I really just want to sit on a flat surface. No offense.

BF: (Empty arms and lap ache from being empty.) Do you already feel kind of better?

BUBS: I’m not sweaty anymore.

VERIO IQ: 107 mg/dL.

BF: You can eat!

While Bubs eats, Bigfoot scrolls through pump history.

7:45pm 3u

8:10pm 2u

8:16pm 2u

8:26pm 1u

BF: Hon, you took like 8 units of insulin at the dance. Did you eat?

BUBS: Yeah, there was a lot of candy.

BF: But 8 units? That would be more candy than you could really even eat, I think. That would be like…120 grams…it would be like four whole big candy bars.


BF: Was the candy wrapped?

BUBS: Yeah.

BF: Did you read the labels to see the carbs?


BF: Oh, right. it was probably too dark to see.

BUBS: No. I was just too lazy. It was small ones. I did my best to guess.

BF: That’s good that you remembered to take insulin, but can you see how it’s kind of dangerous to take too much?

BUBS: They played Uptown Funk.

This story no point except perhaps: mark beginning of person not living life as directed.



  1. skchrisman · April 11, 2015

    Ugh. I haaaaaate those moments of experiential learning. But, aren’t parents glad to see Share numbers?


  2. Robin Jingjit · April 11, 2015

    I can’t believe you were able to not text. Of course the result probably will make it harder to not text next time.

    I almost got kind of teary when I read the flat surface/no offense part. I’m not usually sentimental, but that sounds exactly like something my son would say and it’s too grown up sounding.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Laddie · April 12, 2015

    Just a day in the life of someone (and the parents) with Type 1. Obviously the decisions are more complex when you’re dealing with a child/adolescent, but your thought processes you are going through are pretty much what I go through every day. And after 38 years I can still look back at the day’s boluses and wonder why I did this or that. Except it is my brain instead of my parents asking why I gave myself a total of 8 units of bolus while at the dance….

    Great post as always, Bigfoot:-)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. laura · April 12, 2015

    ME: What do you mean you don’t always take your Lantus? <—true story

    Liked by 1 person

    • fourdays22d · April 12, 2015

      also, Bruno Mars is very distracting.


  5. StephenS · April 13, 2015

    The word “dance” has so many connotations in this post. You’ve seemed to to pretty great with him already. The next few years may have its moments, but I’m sure you will continue to do great.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Karen · April 13, 2015

    Well, scary, I know. But I have to give him a big high five for at least trying. Honestly, at his age, I didn’t care at all and wouldn’t have bothered to bolus. Don’t worry, he will get there. It will probably be really really hard on you for a while. (I’m sorry, is it jerky to say that. I shouldn’t assume. But I’m just trying to be real, based on my experience. Which isn’t guaranteed to be the same experience you guys will have. So I’ll stop now . . . )

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Leigh · April 13, 2015

    You are amazing, BF. This had me on the edge of my seat. (Also: a big reason I don’t have kids is I don’t think I’d be able to survive their adolescence.)

    Liked by 1 person

  8. theperfectd · April 13, 2015

    If it’s any consolation, I don’t like to be touched or held when I’m low. So, it’s not so much as being too old to be held, it’s the whole “I’mfreakingoutsopleasedon’tholdmebecauseI’mfreakingout” thing.
    And on the bright side? He took insulin.
    And they.played.Uptown.Funk.

    Liked by 1 person

    • mollyjade · April 14, 2015

      Yeah, I really identified with that. When I’m super low, I always want to sit on the ground. I feel like I could fall apart, and the floor feels stable.

      Liked by 2 people

  9. type1tot · April 14, 2015

    OMG I love that kid. “They played Uptown Funk.” Explains everything. I wonder about that double-edged Share. Wish it came with a kill switch for the pump. Maybe next integrated version? I love this story. I love Five Guys. Go-to GF night out. And love how they have monthly dances. My kindergarten kid had 2 elementary dances so far. So fun! Could have used more Kriss Kross and less Robin Thicke (AYFKM?) but exuberant dancing all night, barely any insulin needed. So glad your kid bottomed out at home. Hopefully lesson learned….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katy · July 13, 2016

      “a kill switch for the pump” <—perfect!


      • type1tot · July 16, 2016

        Hey girl,miss you, love you long time. Ok, yes, kill switch. I’m not talking about low-glucose suspend. I’m talking about before they get low. Like a pedometer (but not the shitty kind you get for free on a table at a conference) built into an insulin pump that tracks movement and slows insulin delivery accordingly. “Carbs in” is only part of the equation. A truly active day.. kinda like not having diabetes. Eat snacks, hike, eat more snacks, eat again, what is this thing insulin people talk about, hike, eat snacks, sneak off to the woods for a poop… Sorry, recent 7 mile hike with a 6 yr old. Was not prepared for non-D life issues.


  10. shannon · April 15, 2015

    I am so glad I could follow this story after the fact instead of in real time (LIKE YOU DID). because I knew it was a happy ending (er). I was so happy and relieved when you got to the part of watching blue jasmine. then all hell broke loose.

    hope you don’t have much use for that ITRHIGTBN tag in the future, but at least it will be there for you if you do.

    in conclusion: http://aycarmilla.tumblr.com/post/116284870699/these-guys

    Liked by 1 person

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