Separation of Junk Food and State

Wellness policy in the home includes a provision for dinners of whiskey and m&ms.

Wellness policy in the home includes a provision for whisky-m&m dinners.

“…the use of food as a reward, acknowledgement or incentive in the classroom or in the school environment is prohibited”—School Health & Wellness Policy for grades K – 12.


  • Peeps doughnut reward for taking PARCC test
  • Twix* & Three Musketeers (up to three) for finding Smurf figurines hidden in library
  • Jolly Ranchers** and popcorn*** for bringing in the most Box Tops for Education
  • Domino’s pizza reward for NAPE test
  • Every day some new assault
  • Light Bigfoot hair on fire (imaginary)


Same time, different reason, Bigfoot/Bigfoot spouse finally (3.5 years later) acknowledge need 504 plan for Americans with Disabilities.


Coincidentally, town’s Health and Wellness subcommittee meeting this morning, Bigfoot first time. Learn many, many other parents frustrated Health & Wellness policy not followed. And it’s like all of the best, rosiest-cheeked people in the town!


Bigfoot was “New Business” at H&W meeting. Attempted express concern policy not followed, heart thump thump thump/voice quaver; Bubs’s first school nurse/architect of H&W policy in attendance, nodding; rosy-cheeked townspeople nodding, obvious all said before this round table, yet still listen kind ears. End with “Sorry I got so varkhlempt,” then curse self for ancient SNL reference, skit not even like very much. (Actually great skit! Butter itself, I guess that explains it.)


Meanwhile, several (many?) other parents concerned junk food @school = not attend meeting but write emails to town’s assorted school principals.


Just prior to meeting with school re 504 plan, include ask (un-sarcastically, Bigfoot swear), “Should we include accommodations in the 504 that will allow B to participate in classroom junk food with his peers?”


Answer = principal (who is awesome in every circumstance) state:

There won’t be food in the classrooms any more.

BIGFOOT: Really?


BF: Really? But that’s such a huge change. So you just tell the teachers they can’t give kids food, and they’ll stop?

PRINCIPAL: This has been communicated to them.

BF: But that class called “Connect” ? It sounds like the whole point of the entire class is bonding over junk food—-

PRINCIPAL: They actually had Connect today and no one served food.

BF: Wow!


BF: But so…why suddenly this change? The policy has been in place—

PRINCIPAL: Since 2011.

BF: You are the third principal I’ve asked about it and none of them has ever thought they could even begin to try to follow it.

PRINCIPAL: There has been a correspondence sent to all teachers explaining the policy, and that’s that. That’s how we’ll do it.

BF: But so why was it never followed before?

PRINCIPAL: (Eye contact.) We never really took enforcing it seriously before, but now we are.


Bigfoot = floored.


504 meeting happened. Bubs has a 504! And 504 plan not include “When junk food will be served in class, let B’s parents know in advance so they can provide a gluten free alternative and calculate an insulin dose.” No need! Only includes things like time retake test if hypo/hyperglycemia, etc.


Good night.

UPDATE 5/28/15: What a sucker! Teachers have been using continuous junk food in class since this post. I regret my enthusiasm.


15 responses to “Separation of Junk Food and State

  1. Meredith

    Awesome! It’s about flippin’ time.


  2. I am a generation older than you and still have some guilt over not being stronger and following through with my convictions about food when my kids played sports. I never understood following up healthy exercise with cookies and pop. My kids didn’t have diabetes or celiac, but I couldn’t come to terms with the idea that any kids should be eating this stuff.

    Keep up the good work and I hope your crusade spreads across the nation! And I look forward to hearing whether the policy of no food really happens in your son’s school.


  3. My heart is all kinds of swelling with pride for you doing all that! I would have been a MESS and you handled it with your usual grace and well chosen words! Love that principal even MORE now! WOW! GO Katy + Joe!!!!


  4. Larry Here

    I just love this. So will my wife when I show it to her. Thanks.


  5. They should really call it a 104. The number 104 means good things to people with diabetes. 504 means thirst/pee/overall-crappiness. Obviously, there wasn’t much thought put into choosing that number. Can your principal change it? I believe he can do anything!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Nice job, Principal. Nice job, Mama, for putting on the pressure. As for 504, I’m kinda..meh… It seems like such a good idea, but in the end, it is a wordy document that gets filed away and never looked at again– until people keep screwing up, and you have to ask them haul it out and dust it off. I’m jaded, obviously. Also, I’m drinking.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. skchrisman

    Well done! AND 504 cloud *poof*. In a year you’ll be saying casually, “Is it that time of year already?”


    • I thought it was permanent but malleable?


      • skchrisman

        Yes. As Pip’s school life changed (moving from middle to high), so did her 504. We decide on changes with Pip, and the school readily accepts. It is permanent in that the government recognizes that she has a 504, but can be changed at any time as life changes or something new comes up in her daily care. We renew weeks after the school year starts so we can easily insert those changes for the final typed version.

        If you are a plan ahead kind of gal, and want him to take the SATs earlier than Junior year, you can apply for accommodations that will stick with him until the end of high school. It takes a LONG time to have them come through. I had to work with our rep at school to make this happen. There is an accommodation called “Breaks as Needed” that can be written in the OTHER box. It is within a tiered accommodation that is not listed in the normal “Testing Materials in Room” or “Food/Drink if needed”. She can take the test in her own high school, monitored by a school rep. Could be the media center lady! It’s brilliant. The idea of this is she can leave the room (need to pee, test, eat, drink, puke, etc.) and re-enter the test. If you don’t have the accommodation and they leave the room, they cannot re-enter and the test is over. Nice to have a back up plan for the unknown. Some people may feel this is a little overboard, but YDMV, and my kid’s sure does! When the time comes, I can walk you through. Accommodations for ACT are easy peasy.


  8. I’m so inspired! I’m going to talk to my principal about starting a policy like that at our school. I hate food in the classroom.


  9. So proud and happy for you Advocate! (wish I could make that a giant capital A)



    (I shall now try to insert a gif, not knowing if it will work at all.)


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