Inspiration for Life and Salad

I found this on a mug in the clearance section of Homegoods.

I found this on a mug in the clearance section of Homegoods.

Inspiration for how to be

This week, boys haircuts. Notice, as if elf on shelf for observe self, burble enthusiasm this mother’s manner re reveal child is transgender.

Overhear self address boys’ stylist/Bigfoot friend Having a transgender child just sort of forces you to be a spokesperson, you know? Like no matter how private you are, you have to say something to pave the way for the child because so few people will understand what is happening. 

Bigfoot not talkative normal circumstance. Yet some reason compelled enthuse out loud. Stylist friend not benefit from Bigfoot blather this topic. Nod empathy, pull hair strands taut either side of boy face, see if even. Snip snip. Elf on shelf clear throat. Bigfoot larynx brake. Ohhh. And aha!

This grace, this love for child, apply–>every parent. E.g. OH MY GOD LIKE RIGHT HERE INSIDE BIGFOOT, so dread set up 504 plan because not wish draw (more) attention child/self/family at school already so much special doing. Feet drag. Not want. But need. But not want. But now do. And now feel…empowered (too dramatic?) No. Yes empowered say out loud & in legal document this is what my child needs to function at school and please do not try to make him eat doughnuts and if that makes you hate me, that’s on you.

Ok, so, transgender child story not same Bigfoot situation, not even same scale, but FWIW, profound affect parenting style. I.e. Say Clearly What You Need from the good people surrounding you* instead of whatever it is you have been doing that has led to things not really working at all. And Yes, it is possible to strike a perfect tone of confidence without being strident, and here is proof. Do it like that.


Heaps of herbs.

Inspiration for salad

This salad is so good. Creator warns:

Some people won’t like it. Some people will like it just fine or even a great deal. And some people will become deranged about it, obsessed, and the email they send asking for the recipe will be time-stamped 3:25 AM, because they were up in the night thinking about it in all it’s spicy-crunchy-tender-sour-salty-caramelized glory.

Bigfoot = Group Three, i.e. salad-deranged group. Bigfoot hot tip for lazy salad maker is buy peeled, cubed butternut squash at BJs instead of DIY. Also add so many peanuts.

Salad + speak up. Seems doable. Thank you Shannon & Catherine!



  1. georgiakevin · April 3, 2015

    i know that your plate is more than full but you write wonderfully. i am glad that even though you have soo much on your plate that you take the time to write. i think that God has special parents who he smiles down on soo much to take care of and look out for his special children, you are among them. To even be able to read one of your posts is a true privilege.


  2. skchrisman · April 3, 2015

    You are a good friend to speak up in a situation that wasn’t your normal comfort.

    504 plans are a good thing. All it takes is one time of goodness and you will be so so happy, seeing a red flag of glory, not a red flag of “I’m different”. (It is not a white flag of surrender, either.) Good, good, good. Salad is perfect timing. Sipping chicken stock while catching up, as to not be hungry for my JJ trip in 15 minutes! My shopping list just got longer…


    • Katy · April 3, 2015

      I’m comfortable with other people being awesome. I just feel so–ugh–do I really have to raise my hand for even more assistance? But now I see yes. Yes I do. Have to. And can do so. And can do so, possibly, with panache and love and not being a crabby witch. Right?


      • skchrisman · April 3, 2015

        Right on.


  3. Catherine Bardagy Winchild · April 4, 2015

    I love you.


  4. Katie · April 5, 2015

    “If you don’t accept my son, it’s not that I won’t CARE, it’s just that it doesn’t MATTER.” followed by grandma’s card and I’m done for. Bawling in Minnesota…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. skchrisman · April 8, 2015

    I had to circle back to this and tell you I made the salad (substituting cashews for peanuts). As always, you never disappoint to share the best of the best. Whats even more WHAT? is I had my second serving for lunch today while cruising thru an old Real Simple Magazine. Halfway through, I realized I had been reading Modern Manners. Good + Good. What can’t she do?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. shannon · April 15, 2015

    by the way I love you a lot a lot


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