Bi-GF-oot Reading Revolution

This book:


Revolution #1

Phonebook thick! Comprehensive. Would be good, “Welcome GF land” gift for new celiac person, or gluten sensitive pioneer, or slow-to-starting-line trendsetter. Includes information re celiac & friends AND recipes. Even include recipe for Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. TATE’S. The best. OMG.

This book beautiful. Want everything in belly. Probably make everything. Lovely drawings inside, including glam-lady flick away penne w. polite disgust face. Whole vibe = excellent. Many recipes kid friendly. Chicken skewers & tzatziki. Most things < 5g CHO.


Revolution #2

This magazine.


Love. STYLE. Like a normal people cooking magazine, i.e. hedonism. Most GF cooking magazines: maybe good information but usually humorless, bad fonts/photography. This magazine gorgeous. Bigfoot not even plan cook things. Just enjoy for pretty.

Meanwhile, for book book: Endurance. Great audiobook for driver-reader deficient in absorb oft-mentioned lesson of, “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.” Features rich voice reading powerful lines re being stuck: frozen, like an almond in the middle of a chocolate bar. This book not re gluten, really. But…hour upon hour driving Newport-back-Newport-back w. discourse re diet of seal steaks, penguins, and dog pemican = so happy/grateful tuck into collard wrap.


7 responses to “Bi-GF-oot Reading Revolution

  1. Larry Here

    Endurance ftw! That book was on our shelf at home when I was growing up, and I read it in my teens. Amazing story, great writing. Real life! Now, how about Seal skewers with tzatziki, hmmm?

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  2. oooooooooooooooooooooo…even better than!

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  3. skchrisman

    Amazon loves me for reading your blog! GFR will be a good addition to my bookshelf and can’t wait to dive in. LCR Tempting. Adding to list. Beautiful writing! Pasta flicking illustrations! GFF. I wish. I want. (How many times do I say I wish I want?) I watched the photos scroll just so I could see the pretty food and those DISHES in that one photo. Looks like my table. Thank you Katy. On to look at…


  4. your last sentence though. all time hall of fame shit.


  5. want to read all of these…THANKS!!! OH and where did you find beautiful magazine? WANT!!!


  6. Endurance has a 5 star rating in my Kindle. That’s 5 fully colored in with yellow stars. I’ve never seen that. And it’s free to check out in the lending library. Score!


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