A Perfectly Good Pie

Field Trip: State House, but most eagerly-anticipated part = pit stop @Burger King.

How was the field trip?


Just okay?

It was pretty bad. They had Domino’s pizza for everyone.

Why was there pizza if you were going to Burger King?

Not the teachers, the government people got it for us. For a surprise. They had pizza for all of the kids and I just had to watch them all eat. I hated it. (Wistfully.) I never even got to have a Domino’s pizza.

Was the government part okay? Did you like seeing the State House?


How was Burger King?

It was okay. I got the caramel sundae.

How was that?

Actually it was terrible, because the Burger King cashier called me a brat.


I ordered the caramel sundae. And I paid and then I waited, and then she gave me a Reese’s peanut butter pie.


And so I said, “I’m really really sorry, but I didn’t order this—” you know, because I couldn’t even eat that pie and I already took insulin for the sundae. And she said THIS IS WHAT YOU ORDERED. And I said, “I’m sorry. I really didn’t order it. I ordered a caramel sundae, remember?” And she said OH NO YOU DID NOT. CARAMEL, NO YOU DID NOT. And then she complained really loudly to her co-worker THIS BRAT OVER HERE IS MAKING ME WASTE A PERFECTLY GOOD SLICE OF REESE’S PIE. And then she gave me the sundae but she frowned at me then I was really sad and embarrassed.

That’s terrible! 

And that made me remember the last field trip, to the ropes course, when the instructor thought my pump was an iPod and made me an example of bad behavior in front of everyone and said SOME PEOPLE THINK THEY DON’T HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RULES LIKE THIS LITTLE GENTLEMAN WITH THE IPOD. And then when I was climbing, she made me get down off the wall because of my medical ID bracelet and she grabbed my wrist and said YOU THINK IT’S ‘COOL’ TO WEAR A BRACELET BUT YOU ARE ENDANGERING EVERYONE ON THE COURSE! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

Sad, funny? Both? Maybe only sad. Persons ridiculous. Of course, vitriol quantity expressed in Bubs’s impersonation of BK cashier & ropes course instructor may be exaggerated. But hatred of field trips = 100% real. Hope willing try again.


This morning Bigfoot fasting BG 91mg/dL! Ha! Reign of 120-130 OVER! However, instead of happy, thought oh my gah thank the heavens I didn’t go to the Diabetes Unconference. 



  1. type1dmom · March 12, 2015

    This retelling of field trip(s) hell brought tears to my eyes. I am both absolutely sad and outraged for Bubs. Also, makes me feel like I am happy I am going on field trip with Angelina next week rather than not going like I did for every field trip last year because I hated her teacher. I just got and signed form today. I hate field trips that put me in some sort of position to be in charge of children that I am not related to.


    • Katy · March 13, 2015

      Bah! Other people’s children! On a field trip!


  2. skchrisman · March 13, 2015

    Oh, for the love of God. Brat? Sounds like Bubs handled himself well with all of it. That’s big.


  3. Scott E · March 13, 2015

    I suggest you write to Burger King corporate and tell them what an a-hole their store clerks were. Perhaps they’ll reprimand the franchise-owner. But don’t mention the diabetes and insulin for the caramel sundae. As much as it makes sense to me, it’ll likely ruin your credibility with them, sadly.

    They’ll probably send you coupons for free Reese’s Peanut Butter Pies for life, but at least you’ll (maybe) get your point across.


  4. gstabach · March 13, 2015

    UGH!!!! Seriously!!! Probably because she was jealous of a boy half her age who had better manners and was well spoken! I might call the manager too!!!


  5. Karen Joseph · March 13, 2015

    Just one of those stories alone is so upsetting to hear about. Add them together and it’s downright shocking! I’m so sorry!


  6. mollyjade · March 13, 2015

    It’s hard enough dealing with jerks when you’re an adult. It’s so so hard being a kid dealing with rude adults. They have all the power and credibility, even when they’re completely out of line.


  7. Katie · March 13, 2015

    During an all cast run through of my high school’s musical (think ~100 students on huge stage, singing, dancing, etc.) I could feel I was pretty low. (This was in the late 90s, so no CGMs.) I told my friend I was low and snuck off the stage. I went out to vending and bought a Mountain Dew (I was also a stupid teenager who NEVER carried any low blood sugar supplies.) I go back in the auditorium and sit while I am chugging the soda and waiting to feel better. All of a sudden, the director has the house lights turned on and whips around screaming, “GET BACK ON STAGE, THIS IS NOT BREAK TIME!!!!” and I say back, “I was low and needed a pop” and she screams back (again, this is in front of the entire student body), “WELL, WE ALL GET A LITTLE LOW SOMETIMES!!!!”. At this point, one of my best friend’s (who is still a great friend to this day) yells from the stage, “Jacbos, she’s got diabetes, leave her alone!”. The director started stumbling and trying to backtrack. Now it’s a funny story, but at the time I wanted to cut her fucking throat. People are assholes.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. pickwicktea · March 13, 2015

    As a person with diabetes, everyone should automatically get a fairy godmother who is there to scream at people who are mean. Then you don’t have to say a thing but obnoxious people get what they have coming.
    As an adult I’m pretty sure that I would have asked the Burger King cashier if she wanted me to die in front of her register. But if I had a fairy godmother she could do that for me and then you never have to look crazy or raise your voice.


  9. Pam · March 13, 2015

    Ugh. A friend’s daughter encountered a similar-sounding employee when inquiring about peanut cross-contamination at a local ice cream shop. The scooper was so rude that once she finally got her cone, the then 12-year old dropped it on the floor, turned and walked out without paying. That response isn’t for everyone, of course, but I can certainly see how someone could be driven to it.


  10. shannon · March 17, 2015



  11. Karen · March 21, 2015

    Oh how I want to bitch-slap those field trip people. Grrrrrr!!!!

    And we would’ve taken you at the UnConference even with a magic 91. I would be nice to know at least one person managed to be in-range!


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